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Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra after a Breast Lift


Finding the perfect bra after an augmentation

Before having my mastopexy (breast lift) at CosmetiCare everyone told me that the hardest part following the surgery was going to be finding the perfect bra, and they were right. These are some tips from my experience to help you with finding the perfect bra after your breast lift.

When you come home from your surgery, you’ll be wearing a surgical bra. You’ll want to wear this for about the first week following your surgery. Once your doctor advises that it is alright to wear your own bra, you can start bra shopping.

Surgical bra after a breast lift

I recommend getting a bra that has a full front zip for the second to the third week following your surgery. My doctor advised me that I could wear any bra just as long as it did not have an underwire, and the front zip bra made it so much easier to get on/off until my arm muscles were not as sore. I had purchased my bra at a workout/fitness store, but I ended up finding a better one weeks later at Victoria’s Secret (I wish that I had found it sooner).

Once my arm muscles were not as sore, I started wearing a good support bra (without underwire). This was where I had a lot of trouble finding a bra that felt comfortable. I had purchased more than five bras before I found one that felt the best. I recommend going to either Nordstrom or Victoria’s Secret to be fitted so that you avoid an unnecessary expense. Your breasts will be swollen, and your bra size will change in the next couple of weeks, so just keep in mind NOT to spend a lot of money on this bra.

When I was allowed to wear an underwire bra at about four weeks post surgery, I didn’t know where to start. I talked with my nurse at CosmetiCare who had the same surgery as me, and she advised me that I get a bra with the most support. If I want to protect my investment and keep my breasts high, then I need a bra with good support.

Finding the perfect bra following a breast lift

The nurse had advised that I go to Victoria’s Secret and get the Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage bra (with the charm). She also recommended that I get the Victoria’s Secret workout bra with the underwire + front zip for working out. To make sure that my breasts don’t move when I am working out, wear a cheap workout bra on top of the Victoria’s Secret workout bra. She also said that the Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage Bra is soft enough that I can sleep in it comfortably.

Be prepared to always have your breasts in a bra – unless you want gravity to start working against you again.

I went to Victoria’s Secret, and the staff was able to fit me perfectly with the Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage bra. They were able to find a size that fit my breasts perfectly, and that I was comfortable wearing. She measured me at a 36 DD, but I ended up fitting better in a 34 DDD. I would never have been able to figure out that a bigger cup size and a tighter band would be more supportive – but it is.

I wear the Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage bra during the day/night. I never have my breasts out of a bra unless I am showering or in a bathing suit (which I am currently looking for one with support).

The staff at CosmetiCare helps with everything from your surgery to post surgery advice. Most of the nurses have had breast surgeries, and have been so great at giving me advice and tips after my mastopexy. Learn more about having a breast lift at CosmetiCare by making an appointment by calling 949.537.2318 or having a virtual consultation. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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