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Tips for Getting Your Kids to Take Their Vitamins


When I was a kid, I remember hiding my vitamins throughout the house. I would do anything to avoid swallowing a big giant pill before breakfast every morning. Now that I am a parent, I have found that my kids feel the same way that I did about vitamins, and it is challenging to get them to take their important nutritional supplements every day.

I have tried bribing, coaxing and downright begging to get the kids to take their vitamins, and nothing has ever seemed to work until recently. I finally realized that it wasn’t that my kids didn’t want to take their vitamins or not that they didn’t care about their health but that they just had a hard time swallowing the big giant pills I was putting on their place mat with breakfast.

AV Kids Banner - white background

I recently discovered a new vitamin at our local Whole Foods Market called alternaVites Kids. The kids think they are taking candy in the morning when I help them sprinkle the multivitamin & mineral on their tongue before breakfast – plus the best part is that there is no sugar or additives. Finally, my son with severe allergies has a vitamin that does not contain egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish like other vitamins on the market contain. (plus it is gluten-free)


As with anything with kids, the thrill of the getting their powder on the tongue can wear off after time, so I have found other ways to make it fun for them to take their alternaVites Kids multivitamin. My #1 favorite and the kids favorite too are in a morning smoothie. I add their favorite fruits and vegetables into a blender, sprinkle alternaVites Kids into the blender, and they get their daily nutrition in a flavorful and healthy smoothie. alternaVites Kids has shared four different smoothie recipes for families to try to incorporate the multivitamin into their kids diets.

mixed berry smoothie

Smoothie Handout

Where can you find it? At your local Whole Foods Market. They come for adults with a mixed berry flavor and children a raspberry cotton candy or strawberry bubblegum flavor. Just one packet a day and parents can know that their children are getting all the important nutrients that their kids need to grow strong, healthy bodies. Save with this online coupon.


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