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Tips for Invisalign Teen Hygiene


“I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son has received complimentary treatment.”

Teen hygiene with Invisalign

Ever since my son started high school, he has been struggling with his Invisalign hygiene. He leaves early in the morning, comes home late at night, and then dives into a homework before falling asleep. I’ve noticed that his trays have started to yellow, and even have a little bit of an unpleasant scent. Once I noticed this, I talked to his orthodontist about how he can take better care of his Invisalign trays.

Tooth brushes

Set Reminders on your teenager’s cell phone
I set reminders on my son’s cellphone to remind him to take out his Invisalign trays and thoroughly brush his teeth and trays three times a day. Since he leaves for school at 6 am, this has been extremely helpful with reminding him to brush before rushing out the door to catch the bus as well as during his lunch break at school.

Teen getting his teeth cleaned

Hang a schedule in your bathroom
Busy teens can often forget to switch out their Invisalign trays on a regular basis, and this can cause for trays to yellow or tarnish. I created a calendar for my son, and have it up on the wall in his bathroom to remind him when to change out his aligners.

Invisalign Teen Check-up

Soak your aligners
I purchased an Invisalign Aligner Cleaning System that I use to soak my son’s aligners a couple of times a week. The cleaning system has cleaning crystals to help remove plaque from the aligners in just 15 minutes. You’ll want to purchase the kit on the Invisalign website and then order additional cleaning crystal refills as needed. Some have mentioned to me that denture cleaner can also work, but we only use the cleaning crystals.

Teenager talking with his Orthodontist about Invisalign Hygiene

Talk to your Orthodontist
One of the biggest things that have helped my son with his Invisalign hygiene is by talking to his orthodontist. His orthodontist has been able to talk to him about the importance of hygiene and encourage him to make it a priority. Sometimes it is nice for teenagers to hear it from someone other than their parents. Also, it can help with a stigma around dentistry that they are to be feared by children but having a conversation with them can take away from this view.

Dr. Passamano Orthodontics

Learn more about how Invisalign can change your smile by getting a consultation with your closest Invisalign participating orthodontist.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing chance

  2. Indeed, your orthodontist plays a vital role in this. When a dental expert backs up your actions, your child will eventually listen and comply.

  3. I appreciate you providing some tips on how to maintain your teen’s Invisalign teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. You made a good point to put reminders on your teen’s mobile phone to always brush his teeth after every meal and take out his Invisalign tray for proper cleaning as well. Doing this on a daily basis would eventually become an ordinary day to day routine for your teenager. I will definitely take heed of your advice and remind my son to do the same. Thanks.

  4. I’m so thankful they finally have Invisalign for Teens! We saw Varallo Orthodontics to see about braces for my teenage son and when Dr. Varallo suggested Invisalign, my son was so excited! Straight teeth without the metal!

  5. I’d definitely recommend trying to figure out a way to practice proper oral hygiene all day long while your teen is wearing Invisalign. Our dentist in Alpharetta had to replace quite a few aligners during treatment due to my son not properly taking care of his aligners or smile! Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy.

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