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Tips for Monitoring Your Kids Television Time


Leisure time for children

Let’s be honest that monitoring kids television time is a challenge for many parents. With all the great series, movies, and documentaries, it can be tempting for children to try and spend most of their free time watching television. Now that the kids are back in school, and spending less time being active outdoors, it is more important than ever to monitor their screen time so that they can live a well-balanced lifestyle.

I am the queen of charts. With our family being so busy with school, sports, and work, charts are the easiest way that my family has found to balance our kids screen time. I keep a small chart by the television where we monitor our children’s screen time. I also use the same chart to add extra television time as a reward for good behavior. If you’re a digital mom then there is the irewards app to help with charting.

The location of your home television can make monitoring your kids television time easier. If the television is in the children’s bedroom, then it can be easier for them to sneak some television time in the wee hours of the night when they should be sleeping. We made the choice of not allowing a television in our children’s room until they are 13 years of age, and old mature enough to monitor their screen time on their own.

While I have not found success with setting a timer when the kids are watching television, a lot of my friends have. I have always found that if the timer goes off five minutes before a show is over that my kids melt-down, but many of my friends swear it works. If you’re going to set a timer, I just recommend making sure it is long enough for your kids to finish watching their show.

Parental Controls
As parents, we are so lucky to have digital partners to help with monitoring our kids screen time. Verizon FiOS has one of the best parental controls available that can help parents to block content based on ratings, age groups, and adult programming. When our kids are watching television, we all want to ensure they are watching appropriate content, and parental controls are just as important as monitoring your kids screen time. Parents can also use the parental controls to block all channels when their children should not be watching television ensure they are not sneaking in an extra episode of Spongebob.

While television plays a role in all of our lives, encourage your children live an active lifestyle by going outside to play. Try and save television time for the cold rainy days or for when your kids are settling down for the evening.

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