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Tips for Organizing and Preserving Online Family Photos


If you’re anything like me, then your online family photos are completely unorganized. I take hundreds of photos every week, and then upload them to various computers throughout our house. I have photos backed up on multiple flash drives, hard drives, and external drives. The one problem is that there is no organization, and I often find myself spending hours searching through different drives when looking for a specific photo. As part of my Spring cleaning this year, I am committed to organizing and backing up all my family photos safely online. While preparing for the organization, I found these great resources to help make organizing simple.

With the help of Verizon FiOS, families can upload all of their family photos to different online photo storage sites at lightening fast speed. Photos can take the longest time to upload to online servers and to have a fast internet provider can help parents spend less time in front of the computer, and more time creating more memories with their children.

The easiest and most reliable online photo storage site that I have found is Shutterfly. Parents can upload their photos, organize them into albums, share with family members, and even create photo gifts for special occasions. Another great online photo storage site is Flickr. The feature I love the most about Flickr is that it is easy to download photos from your albums quickly. Oh by the way, did I mention they also have an app? Just another way that it makes it easy for preserving your family memories.

Are you a cell phone photographer? For many moms, the cell phone has become the new family camera. So what happens when your toddler tosses the cell phone into the bathroom toilet? Unless you’re using the icloud then the memories are lost forever. When I hit over 12,000 photos on my iphone without a free moment to back them up on my hard drive at home, I discovered the Carousel app. The app automatically backs up my photos to Dropbox (plus it helps to organize them for me by putting them into folders on the dates I captured the images).

We all know that Google isn’t going anywhere… so parents can rest assured that their family photos are safe by being backed up and organized on Google Drive. Look at your favorite picture of your kids from anywhere via your phone or tablet. Photos can be easily searched and shared with family members around the world.

Do you have a tip or app that you like using for organizing and backing up your online family photos? Share it with us in the comments below.

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