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Tips for Helping Your Loved One Get Help for Addiction

Orange County is full of many successful people and there can be an expectation sometimes to fit into the culture. For some, they find comfort and stability in the region but for others who don’t feel like they fit in, growing up in Orange County can be difficult. Whether you’re an artist, a musician, an environmentalist, or something else that isn’t the average demographic of Orange County, it is sometimes alienating. If you’re not well-off, you might be able to find your place in the culture. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol. Here are some tips for helping your loved ones to get help for addiction.

Learn About Addiction

Before you do anything, you should learn about addiction. If you come at substance abuse and dependence from an ignorant point of view, you won’t be able to help the person that you love. People say, “he has the gene,” but that’s an overly simplistic view of it. Addiction is both nature and nurture. It is the biology and the circumstance that led them to this point. There are many powerful drugs out there that anyone can become addicted to if they use them enough. If you know what the person is using, you can learn about that specific drug, its effects, its withdrawal, and its overall impact on the person. Learning about addictions is key.

Talk to Them Without Judgment

The most important thing to do is talk to the person struggling with addiction without judgment. When you talk to them about what they have been doing and what they are using, you should come at it from a place of love. You should show that you care about the person. If you’re aggressive or judgmental, you will only push the person away. This isn’t an intervention, it’s a conversation. When you are close to a person going through the perils of addiction, it’s important to lead with love. They may or may not hear you out but talking to them honestly in a private setting without judgment is the first step.

Offer Help

If the person recognizes that they have a problem, they could be ready for help, but they also might not be. You should make it clear that you will help them get into treatment. Whether you are looking for a rehab in San Clemente, Newport Beach, or Anaheim, there are options for addiction treatment centers in Orange County. Offer help and see what they say. If they refuse, don’t push the issue. Give it some time. Denial is the first thing to overcome in addiction, but even if they know they need help they might not seek it just yet. People with addiction need to seek help willingly because they want to live a better life. Let them know that you would help them and see what they do with this information.

Host an Intervention

When you’ve offered help and the person doesn’t accept it, you have a few options. You should first see what they do. They might come around in the next few days or weeks. If the person knows they have a problem, there might not be much you can do. But if they have denied the issue, it might be time for an intervention. An intervention is when you bring the person’s closest associates together to tell the person that their friends and family think they need help for addiction. When you bring everyone together, the person might begin to see that they need to get treatment. If everyone they love is saying it, the denial could break down.

Help Them Find a Treatment Center

Finally, when they have overcome denial, accepted they have a problem, and want to get treatment for addiction, you can help them find the right treatment center. Work with the person to find the appropriate rehab or addiction facility. There are plenty of options in Orange County and outside of it. Whatever the person needs, you can find the right location where they can withdraw, have supervision, go to meetings, and begin to heal. When the person wants to get help, there is nothing wrong with helping them find it. Relapse is a part of addiction but if the person is trying that will make all the difference.


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