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Tips for a Kid Learning to Ride a Bike

When your kids start learning how to ride a bike, they will come across five different skills they have to manage at one time. These skills include balancing, steering, pedaling, braking and shifting. Because these skills happen concurrently, learning a bike can be a tough job for kids to manage. 


This is where your role as a parent comes into perspective, as you have to make sure that you guide them with the best tricks and are able to show them the best ways for riding a bike without harming themselves in the process or leading to injuries and ailments. 

In this article, we take a look at the tips for a kid learning to ride a bike. You can pass these tips on to your young ones after you have got them the right bikes for kids. These tips will help you play the perfect role as a parent, and also take your kids through the right process for learning how to ride a bike. 

Safety First 

Safety comes before everything else when learning how to ride a bike, and you should make that clear to your kid. Make sure that your kids have the right sized bike, and don’t face any difficulties in handling it or mounting it for that matter. 

The safety check should include a check of the helmet, the right size of the bike and of shin or knee pads if necessary. Also, make sure that your kids are wearing an appropriate outfit when they start learning how to ride a bike. Riding a bike can be difficult, which is why it is necessary that kids have their shoelaces fastened, are not wearing anything too baggy and are ready for what is to come. 

Choose a Safe Area 

You should choose a safe area for the learning experience to be successful. It goes without saying that you cannot help your kids learn how to ride a bike on a busy two-way street with cars passing and hooting by you at full pace. Start with your own backyard and then take the learning outdoors. Make sure your kids have all protective gear on them. 

The right area for learning how to ride a bike shouldn’t just be isolated, but should also be free of unnecessary terrains, pointy rocks and other dangers. Consider looking at the entire path or area in detail to rid the possibility of carved stones that could lead to wounds after a fall. 

Take Pedals off for Balancing 

When a kid is learning how to ride a bike, balancing it can be the most difficult part. You can teach your kid just how to balance the bike, by planting both their feet on the ground for a quick stop. The balancing part is absolutely necessary and is required for a smooth riding experience. Once you take the pedals off, you can be sure that your kid will learn how to balance. 

The right way to do this is to tell your kid to push the bike forward with their feet and then take the feet off the ground and look to balance. Once you see them doing a better job, you should put the pedals back on and have them balance for longer durations with the pedals on the bike. 

Stopping without Falling 

One of the most common problems faced by kids when they are learning how to ride a bike is that they fall over whenever the bike comes to a stop. This is a common issue with all children learning to ride a bike. 

Braking is absolutely necessary when riding a bike, and you should teach that next when you feel like they have mastered balancing. Teach them how to apply foot brakes, as well as hand brakes. Foot brakes will help when the bike is at a slow pace, while hand brakes can come in handy for more pace. 

Don’t Go for Pace 

Another excellent piece of advice to give your kid when they are learning to ride a bike is to not go for pace, especially during the first month of training and riding. With the rushing adrenaline, it can be natural for kids to pick up the pace and feel the air brushing against them, but you should advise them against it. The moment kids start picking up pace, they put themselves in harm’s way and can suffer due to it. 

We hope you find the tips in this article helpful and can help your kid as they learn how to ride a bike. Make sure you remain continuous with the training for the teachings to last. 

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