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Tips For Maintaining Your Senses

As we grow older our senses will start to fade. They say that after the age of 26 our cells begin degrading at a faster rate than they are formed, and this means it’s common after this age to start feeling aches, pains, and issues we didn’t before. 

Growing older is a natural part of our lives, and if you have started to notice a few changes in your senses – we have some simple ways to help you maintain the strength of your taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight this year. 

Try some of these tips to help you keep your senses and enjoy your family life to the fullest. 

Go for regular hearing and eye tests 

It is super important to go for regular tests for both your eyes and your ears. These are perhaps the most important of our senses and it is so important to maintain them as best we can as well as identify any possible issues as soon as possible. You can get free eye tests and hearing tests at your local opticians and doing this once a year should be enough to monitor these two senses and make a change should they start to dwindle.  

Consider contacts 

Contact lenses can be a great way to help enhance your eyesight without wearing glasses. There are a lot of people who don’t like the thought of wearing glasses, and if this is you, don’t simply allow yourself to struggle as this is never a good thing. Instead, make sure to consider wearing contact lenses that will be much more subtle and will allow you to live your life more comfortably and also more safely. 

Deal with your faulty hearing aid 

Hearing aids are a great piece of kit for anyone who has hearing issues. But if your hearing aid starts to become faulty and if it results in injury, you should take this to a court. There are some great health lawyers such as who will help you should a faulty hearing aid worsen your hearing. You’ll also be able to get compensation and treatment for this issue. 

Reduce your acid intake 

Acid such as wine and vinegar are amazing to eat – but over time they can cause a little bit of damage to your taste buds. If you have recently noticed that your sense of taste is lacking, you will want to reduce your acid intake and focus instead on eating more balanced foods.

Manage allergies 

Allergies can have a massive impact on your senses because they infect your nose, throat, and your ears. If you have bad allergies such as hay fever this can be a constant struggle and if you don’t manage the issue properly you can stand to lose your sense of smell as well as taste over time as your nose dictates a lot of what you taste.

Take on some of these ideas and tips to help you maintain your senses this year. 


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