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Tips to Prepare for Elderly Parents Moving in With You

When your parents reach a certain age, you’re faced with choosing whether you will have them live with you or move into an assisted living facility. Nursing homes and assisted living communities are expensive, sometimes costing over $100,000 per year. Letting your parents move in with your family can save everyone money and improve their overall quality of life. Instead of trying to squeeze visits into your schedule, you can see them every day, let them spend time with your children and enjoy being a truly connected family.

supporting elderly

However, the decision to move your parents in with you is a major transition for everyone. There are a lot of changes that will have to occur that can be disruptive. To make the change easier on everyone, this guide will help you address some of the biggest to-dos.

Perform Home Modifications Early

You should make any changes to your home for your elderly parents that make it safer and more accessible. This may include non-slip runners, a stair lift, grab-bars in the shower and beside the toilet, wider door frames and more. These home modifications can take time, especially if you’re doing a large-scale renovation. You may even look into moving altogether. In that case, a multi-generational home is best. These tend to have in-law suites on the first floor that allow seniors to live more comfortably.

Understand Your Role

If your parents are still largely independent, then there may not be much for you to do in their daily lives yet. However, many adults take on the role of caregiver when their senior parents move in. Are you fully aware of what you’ll need to do when they’re living with you? Maybe you’ll have to help them by preparing their meals or administering their medications. If they require mobility assistance, then you’ll have to consider who will aid them when you’re at work.

Talk to your partner about the new responsibilities you might have to take on. It will be easier if everyone is involved and treats their care as an act of love, not merely an obligation. Also remember that it is perfectly okay to feel overwhelmed or need some breathing room. If your parent’s care becomes too taxing, you may look into enrolling them in a senior daycare program or hiring a home assistant.

Talk to Them About Their Finances

What are your parents’ current health and life insurance situation? They should know all of the details, and so should you. Being well-informed allows you to make the most informed decisions about their care. As they age, they may not be able to make the best decisions for themselves, or they may not be aware of their options. For example, if your parent is ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, you could cover the cost of their care through a viatical settlement.

Viatical settlements allow people with short life expediencies to sell their life insurance policies outright. You can review a guide that details the process here. You should also discuss your parents’ personal income, bills and more. Having more people under one roof will raise your living expenses. What money can they provide to help cover increased utility bills and grocery orders? Not everyone is able to financially support their parents, so money should be brought up prior to their move.

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