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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Tips to Foster Effective Communication in your Family

effective communication and listening

4.  Be a good listener. The most effective parents report how they’ve learned to “talk less and listen more.” Stellar advice for anyone who wants a child to talk more.

5.  Model what you want. If you want more sharing from your child, then you share more. For example, you might say, “One of my coworkers always interrupts me at meetings. It’s really annoying. You know what I mean?” This open-ended question might prompt your child to commiserate and talk about a challenging friend.

Caveat! Don’t assume sincere efforts to share, listen, and tune-in to the Empathy Channel will rid the family of all conflicts. (We’re working on improved communication here, not miracles.) But if we focus more, our kids will feel we are trying to understand them and there will be positive ripples.

Contributor Bio: ANNIE FOX is an internationally respected character educator and online adviser to teens and parents. Her books include Teaching Kids to Be Good People. And the Middle School Confidential™ book and app series. Annie may be reached through her website,

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