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Tips to reduce whining

Closeup of a crying boy

As moms, we all know how annoying it is when our kids whine. My 6 year old has perfected the art of whining, and could land an Oscar with some of his performances. However, since it’s a new year with new resolutions I have been working on some new techniques with him. Here are a few tips on ways to reduce whining:

  • Try to identify your child’s triggers before his or her whining escalates. I have found that sometimes it’s as simple as my son is hungry and as soon as he gets something to eat he snaps right out of it. Now I carry protein bars with  me wherever I go,
  • Use a “whine” cup. Whenever your child  starts you can say, “Here, go pour out your whine and bring me your regular voice.” It will usually get a smile (or an eye roll) and then they’ll usually change their tone.” Thank them for using their pleasant voice.
  • If your child is asking for something in a whiny voice then whisper your answer back. You might need to whisper it a couple of times, and since your child will have to be quiet to hear you, it should stop the whining.
  • When your child is complaining tell them you are sorry but when they talk in that voice, you cannot understand them. Tell them to use their normal voice and that you will try to listen to to them. If they are not cooperating, ignore the whining until they do.
  • Record your child and play it back to them. They might change their tune after they realize how ridiculous they sound.
  • Be consistent and do not give into whining. While it’s easy to give your child the item that they are fussing about to quiet them down, remember that is a sure fire way to encourage whining the next time they should want something.



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