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To remove his adenoids or not?


Yesterday we saw Dr. Supance, Orange County’s go to pediatric ENT. After months of being on antibiotics for recurrent sinus infections and constant congestion he finally suggested we remove my son’s adenoids. Not his tonsils , just the ones behind his nose. A few of my friends have suggested that I change his diet or see a homeopath before doing the surgery.  It’s a very quick surgery about 30 mins tops, but I wanted to find out if any of our readers have had a similar experience. Can a change in diet really help him? He has had a complete allergy panel and they found nothing. I would love some of your thoughts on this topic. I have a week to decide and I plan on doing some more research.

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  1. My daughter went through this when she was 3-4 years old (she’s 22 now). We took her to an allergist and the pediatric ENT Nina Yoshpe in Long Beach. Her adenoids and tonsils were quite enlarged, but we were given the recommendation not to remove them – and she outgrew her constant cough and cold. Sometimes these things correct themselves, and sometimes doctors are a little trigger-happy about doing surgery. BUT every child is different! BTW her tonsils are still very large, but she rarely gets sick.

  2. One of my best friends had hers removed as a teen and she still had problems… she has always eaten healthy but she did go gluten-free and doesn’t have as many issues!

  3. my nephew had his out and still has allergies and sinus problems. my sister started her kids on a gluten free diet and it seems to help a bit!

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