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Toffee Latte Recipe


I have fallen in love with B.toffee. A jar of the delicious treat never seems to last more than a day in my home. Since I love latte’s, and I love toffee, I attempted to merge my two favorites into a toffee latte. The result was nothing short of amazing.


It took a couple of attempts to perfect the recipe, but I finally managed to perfect it over the weekend. You can easily make the mix ahead of time, and store it in your refrigerator until you are ready to make your latte.



1 large piece of B.toffee
2 cups of your favorite ground coffee
1 coffee maker
1/4 cup of milk
1 frother



I used a vitamix, but any blender will work. Simply add the B.toffee into the blender, and blend until it is the same consistency as the ground coffee.

Mix the B.toffee with the ground coffee well. (I stored the mixture in a sealed tupperware in my refrigerator)

All the coffee mixture into your coffee maker. When the coffee is done brewing, add the milk to your frother. Mix the coffee and milk together in your favorite coffee mug, sprinkle with toffee crumbs and enjoy!


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