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Tommy Bahama Macadamia Crusted Goat Cheese with Mango Salsa Recipe

Join lifestyle expert Gretchen Connelie in the kitchen for a taste of the island lifestyle – no island required! Relax at home for this cooking demo and wine pairing and log on to the Instagram LIVE “Cocktail Club” @tommybahamarestaurant Thursday, April 16, 6:00pm EST/3:00pm PST.

This Week’s Topic: Tommy Bahama Macadamia Nut Encrusted Goat Cheese. The recipe (below) is from the Tommy Bahama cookbook Flavors of California. Served warm, this appetizer combines the soft, smooth, creaminess of goat cheese with the sweet nutty flavor of the Macadamia nut. Accompanied with mango salsa then drizzled with a sweet soy glaze and served on flatbrad, it offers an abundance of palate pleasing flavors and textures. All the ingredients are from scratch, but feel free to improvise with some store bought items or substitute some ingredients with what you have in your cupboard. It’s not about perfection, it’s about fun!

Tommy Bahama Macadamia Crusted Goat Cheese with Mango Salsa

Tommy Bahama Macadamia Nut Goat Cheese


20 oz Goat Cheese
4 oz Macadamia Nuts, toasted & chopped
Shape goat cheese into a disc – 2 ½ to 3 inches wide and ¾ inch in height.
Coat the goat cheese with the nuts press down gently.

Olive Oil Blend
Salt and Pepper
Lay out sheets of flatbread on a sheet pan. Brush with olive oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the bread. Place in a 250° oven for 8-10 minutes, or until crisp.

Mango Salsa:
2 c Mango, diced ¼ inch
½ Jalapeno de-veined, de-seeded, minced
1 oz Green Onion, bias cut
1 oz Red Bell Pepper, diced ¼ inch
1Tsp Cilantro, chopped fine
½ oz Lime Juice, Fresh
½ oz Olive Oil Blend
¼ Tsp Kosher Salt
Pinch Black Pepper
Mix all ingredients together.

Sweet Soy Glaze:
8 oz Soy Sauce
¼ Tsp Jalapenos, de-veined, deseeded, minced
12 oz Granulated Sugar
½ oz Sesame Oil
In a sauce pan add all the ingredients except the sesame oil and put on low to medium heat. Cook for 25 minutes.
Add sesame oil. Strain sauce through fine strainer.

To Plate:
Pre-heat a non-stick sauté pan on medium heat and ladle 1 oz clarified butter into the pan. Place goat cheese on butter and cook for 1½ minutes on each side. Place 2 oz mango salsa on the top of the plate then place warm goat cheese on top of salsa. Drizzle with sweet soy glaze and garnish with flatbread.

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