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Top 4 Decisions for Modern Moms

All parents are decision makers, chore jugglers, and multi-taskers, but mothers often add extra duties to the list in an attempt to stay on top of things like daycare, safety, and teaching social skills to their kids. Among the dozens of large and small issues that arise while overseeing a child’s upbringing, some are more important than others. While every family is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all lifestyle, the following four items tend to play a central role in the critical job of keeping youngsters safe, planning for their college expenses, and encouraging their interests and hobbies. Here’s a brief description of the top four decisions moms make.

Daycare vs Staycare

Modern moms thrive on finding ways to handle the craziness of life with grace. Depending on your life situation, you might have the luxury of choosing between daycare and taking care of your kids while working a home-based job. For many families, the choice comes down to economics and financial needs. Working outside the home for a single parent can often be a poor financial decision when the expense of daycare is figured into the mix. If you can afford quality care for children while working a traditional job as a single mother, then you’re in a good place. Too often, especially for single moms with limited career choices, there’s no other option but stay-at-home, or staycare for young ones.

Paying for College

When the time comes for sending kids off to college, you have the choice of offering as much or as little help as possible. Many working adults choose to cover at least a portion of a child’s tuition with a low-rate Private Parent Loan. When you use Earnest parent student loans, the child is not financially obligated, the parent is. The huge benefit for students is that they don’t graduate with an immediate debt burden. Plus, the low-interest rates on Private Parent loans give mothers a chance to help out as they see fit, take advantage of competitive rates, and get the satisfaction of keeping their child’s student loan debt as low as possible.

Being Practical About Safety

It takes a good deal of pondering and planning to decide how to teach kids to be safe. You don’t want to use scare tactics or make them fear for their lives every time they leave the house. Likewise, it’s imperative to instruct young people about behaving wisely on social media, avoiding drug use, getting help if they’re away from home, and spotting potentially dangerous people and situations.

The Allowance Dilemma

Ask adults how they deal with allowances, and you’ll get different answers. An excellent general rule is to set up weekly payments for designated, non-routine chores after discussing the situation with your children. Be especially clear about what they are to do and when they need to do it. Use the situation to teach them about the value of money. Avoid the temptation to pay too much or too little. Be fair about amounts and consider researching the fair market value of the chores you assign. However, let youngsters know that they don’t receive pay for family-related tasks like doing dishes, helping with laundry, house-cleaning, making their beds, cleaning their rooms, and similar jobs.

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