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The Top 4 Questions to Ask your California Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen all year round. When the streets are busy and various events are taking place, there’s always a chance for accidents. When these happen, due care and justice are demanded right after the injury. Then, the necessary steps or protocol must be undertaken by them upon the assistance of their counsel.  

Assuming you or a family member has experienced a physical issue because of someone else’s activities, you need the help of the top personal injury attorneys in Orange County. You start with gathering all the information from different sources available that might help your claims. 

Having a car accident lawyer is the best resource you can have, assuming you want to make a lawful move for an individual’s physical issue. They will provide expert legal advice and facilitate your injury claims or mishaps. 

Have you ever handled a personal injury case like mine before?

It’s always reassuring to know somebody has the same experience as you are. And for some reason, asking your attorney this question is also essential. This will give a hint of whether they can handle your case or not. 

Furthermore, having a reliable and experienced attorney in the same field could also ease your mind. With them as your ally, you would know what to expect and how they can help you with the process.

Is it worth hiring an attorney for personal injuries?

Just like your car insurance that has its benefits, having a car accident attorney is not a waste of money. You might deliberate whether you want to recruit a lawyer to address the issue or if you really need one in the first place.

You could get your claims if you had a physical issue claim even without a lawyer. Yet doing so is significantly more complicated and requires multiple processes than what you know. Exploring judicial actions that your case involves unassisted can be inconceivably difficult. 

If you are battling with the result of a physical issue, you don’t want to intensify your stress by dealing with the problem yourself, having no legitimate direction on your side.

Are you currently busy with other cases right now?

Obviously, you want to hire a lawyer who is readily available to take on your case. Since there are timelines that you want to meet when filing, they must be able to help you with the requirements as soon as they are due.

One thing is clinical cost. This is the guaranteed pay for the irresponsibleness caused by the other party. Meanwhile, the pain and suffering compensation is another thing you need to deal with.

The other one is the lost pay. This is your supposed salary from your job, which you won’t be able to receive as of the moment because you are trying to recuperate. In addition, the other party must also take care of property harmed during the accident.

What happens if a personal injury victim dies?

If a family member because of the carelessness of another party, you or your family members can go after the person who is responsible.  To start, you can demand reasonable funeral and burial expenses. Then, you can ask for financial compensation if the casualty is a significant financial supporter of the family.

In addition, if the defendant’s actions caused damages to the deceased’s property, you may also file a survival action lawsuit against them. This will allow them to recover from the medical expenses of the deceased as well the pain and suffering compensation.  


Any injury claims in car accidents have the potential to escalate into a challenging and complicated legal battle, especially if you do not have access to proper legal representation. Having a good lawyer by your side will help you with the whole process. From obtaining evidence to documentation, they will work on your behalf to prove you have claimable damages. 

While you can never really take back what the accident has caused you, having a car accident lawyer could help you give a little ray of hope. If you want to discuss your legal options regarding your car accident, contact a reliable Orange County accident lawyer today. 

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