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Top 7 Ways to Entertain Kids During this Pandemic

Many public places, such as playgrounds, are unsafe for kids because of the coronavirus. A lot of public activities are also on hold because of this pandemic that has been going on for almost two years. It’s no wonder parents have their hands full with children who are bored, whiny, and need constant attention during the day.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents are concerned about keeping the fun for their kids while staying safe. Here are some fun and safe suggestions to keep your kids busy during this time.


  • Play Games


Playtime has always been a favorite for kids, and it’s even more fun when parents join in these activities. If your house has a backyard, you can plan a scavenger hunt for the kids. Board games are also great for keeping kids occupied. It’s a fun activity that can help parents bond with their children. Play board games that have been around for generations, such as Monopoly or Clue, or play your kids’ favorite video games, such as Minecraft or Cootie.

  • Bake Cookies


Baking with your children is a fun family experience. Cookies are tasty. They’re also fun for kids to make as they can go in different shapes and sizes. Get some great recipes online or from your favorite cookbook. Bake a bunch of them, then pack them into stylish plastic pouches or tin cans to give as treats for friends and relatives.


  • Read Books


Books are great tools for learning and entertainment. There are thousands of books available in online bookstores for kids of all ages. If there’s something specific the kids want to read, order it online and have it shipped directly to your home in a few days.


  • Take Arts-and-Craft Classes


A lot of art schools are going accessible and offer virtual classes. This is a great way to let your kids broaden their creativity and imagination as well as improve their motor skills and coordination. Arts-and-craft classes, such as painting classes and pottery classes, are an excellent way for parents and kids to bond and get the creative juices flowing. An art franchise is also perfect for parents who want to start their own business, bring art nearer to their family, and share the art with others as well.


  • Watch Movies


Watching movies with your kids is a great way to spend time together while keeping entertained. Many films offer great lessons and insights on life, knowledge, while some present extraordinary adventures of young heroes. Let your kids pick out their favorite movies online, then have fun watching them together.


  • Plant a Garden


Plant a garden together with your kids. Growing a garden is a great way to teach them about life and how nature works. It’s also a fantastic activity that the whole family can enjoy by planting seeds or bulbs, then watching as they grow into beautiful flowers or vegetables. You can also bring along your camera and let kids take photos of the growing plants and garden insects.


  • Go Outdoors in an RV


Camping in a recreational vehicle is a unique family bonding. It’s also safer than going to crowded hotels and resorts while the virus is still around. Go to places where the whole family can camp, take beautiful photos, and go fishing. Barbecues and bonfires by the campfire are also fun ways to spend time together while enjoying beautiful nature and wildlife. Make sure to research ahead and check with local authorities to ensure the area you will visit is safe.

There are many ways to keep kids safe and entertained during this pandemic. There is always a new adventure around the corner or a new book for them to read. These top seven ways to keep kids occupied during this pandemic should help you and your children get through the tough times.


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