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Top Five SUV’s for New Parents

When thinking about purchasing a new car for your growing family, an SUV is an excellent car buying decision. With so many different SUV’s currently available on the market, it can be overwhelming for parents to make the best decision on what SUV will best meet your family needs. These are the five top SUV’s available for families.

Top Five SUV's for New Parents

Large Families
If you’re a family with more than three children, then a full-size SUV will be the best purchasing decision. Trying to squeeze three car seats in one row of a mid-size SUV can be a challenge, so finding an SUV with a third row will make traveling with your families easier. Our top pick for a full-size SUV is the GMC Yukon XL. The car features plenty of space for your children, and will still leave many families room to carpool to school and sporting events. The large trunk space on the GMC Yukon XL allows plenty of room for bikes, beach gear, and even the family dog.

Active Families
Families who like to surf, mountain bike, and ski will want an SUV that has plenty of room for the family, and can also accommodate all your gear. The Toyota Highlander 4WD is a perfect purchasing decision for an active family. The car features a foldable third row, plenty of legroom and a smooth ride when going off the beaten path.

Young Families on a budget
Parents who are just starting to grow their family want the safety and space of an SUV but don’t usually want the high gas prices that go along with many of them. The Honda CRV is one of the most fuel efficient SUV’s on the market and comes along with the Honda’s highly-acclaimed safety rating, making it a great purchase for young families on a budget.

Families seeking luxury
Families who seek comfort and luxury in an SUV purchase will find all of their desired needs with the Porche Macan. The Porche Macan not only offers families luxurious traveling but is also one of the highest performing SUV’s on the market. Your family will travel in comfort, style and luxury with this SUV purchase.

First time SUV buyers
Many families can feel nervous about making the jump from a sedan to an SUV. For those families unsure if they will be comfortable in an SUV, purchasing a cross-over SUV like the Ford Flex is a good buying decision. The Flex gives drivers the familiarity of driving a sedan but offers many of the SUV benefits.

Then there is my personal favorite, the Kia Sorento. When making a decision to purchase an SUV for your family, first look at what your current family needs are, and then test drive an SUV that suits your family lifestyle.

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