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Top Handy Gift Ideas For Your Hiking Enthusiast Friend

Hikers and backpackers only seem to want one thing in life: a thrilling adventure. This can make it difficult for you, as a friend, to pick out a gift for them that they would love. When considering any present for them, ensure that it is sturdy and durable enough to withstand miles and miles of adventure. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas that your hiker friends would absolutely love! Let’s jump in!

Waterproof Hiking Boots

When it comes to hiking, the most important thing for a hiker is their hiking boots. Good and sturdy hiking boots not only allow them to have long and challenging adventures but also protect their feet from getting hurt or stressed. It is likely that your hiker friend will have to climb muddy and slippery areas that are already quite challenging. Getting their shoes wet will only add to the burden. Waterproof hiking boots would certainly prepare your hiker friend for any challenging adventure!

Gift Cards

If you cannot think of anything they might like, then gifting them a gift card can be a safe option. A gift card will enable them to buy anything they want from anywhere. You can load the gift card with your budget amount and let your friend get whatever they want with the gift card. There are many options when buying gift cards; just watch them go wild!

Steel Flask

A water bottle is extremely important for an outdoor expedition. However, plastic bottles tend to make the water too hot or too cold which can be discomforting especially if you’re on a challenging hiking track. Non-toxic, stainless steel, and healthy hydration options, according to the environment enthusiasts at, are extremely important to have a sustainable hiking adventure. An iron flask can keep your water at just the right temperature. If your friend is traveling in cold winters, they can even carry hot coffee or cocoa in their flask that would keep it hot for hours. It can keep your water cold for 24 hours and your coffee hot for up to 12 hours.

Compressible Puffer

If cold winters don’t keep your hiker friends inside, then it’s good to make sure that they’re warm and protected. A compressible puffer offers a cozy and warm thermal layer that feels like a hug. It keeps you warm in the harshest of winters and is great for an adventure in the snowy mountains.   

A Backpack

A backpack is crucial for a hiker as it can hold important things including a water bottle, snacks, extra clothes, hiking gear, etc. Moreover, a backpack is easy to carry and equips you for your adventure. You can travel with all your essentials in your backpack. It is possible that your friend is in need of a new backpack. Get them a new spacious backpack that can hold all their essentials and they will definitely appreciate it! 


A vaseline, lotion, or moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and fresh even when you’re out traveling in the wild. It is especially important to take care of your body in harsh weather. You can gift your hiking enthusiast a self-care kit that includes all vaseline, lip balm, and a lotion to keep their skin hydrated and fresh. 

Emergency Tent And Sleeping Bag

A foldable, light emergency tent and sleeping bag can be super helpful! It is great for adventures that are days long. The emergency tent can be folded into a very small size, so it can easily fit into the backpack. This will aid them in emergency situations and protect them against rain or cold weather. 

Fire Starter Kit

For any mountaineer, a fire kit is a necessity. If their camping stoves stop working or they’re unavailable then, a fire kit can help them start a fire without a problem. It is not only lightweight but can also be used for up to 12000 strikes. It’s great for an emergency.  


Your backpacker friend would love these gift ideas. They’re not only handy but also look super cool. It is extremely crucial to give them something that is durable that would last miles of adventure. Your friend will feel touched by your attempt to go out of your way to get them a gift that they would love. You must give your backpacker something that is not only lightweight but can also fit into their backpack. Your adventurous friend would appreciate emergency camping supplies that are light, small, and reusable! If nothing else works, give them a gift card and they will be just as happy!

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