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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Top Money-Making Ideas for Work-from-Home Moms

Mothers who work from their homes while keeping an eye on young children are discovering new and better ways to earn a part-time or full-time income from the comfort of their computer chairs. A generation ago, the vast majority of young moms had few opportunities to earn a living from anywhere other than a traditional office. But, after the fruition of the digital age, both the number of opportunities and their financial rewards have increased dramatically.

Moms, dads, and single adults with no children operate successful businesses from a home base. Sometimes they own their small companies, or else they are employees who use a computer hookup to do their jobs for small, medium, and large companies. It is important to practice self care tips for working moms and not push yourself to the point of burnout though. So, if you’d rather not punch a digital time clock but want to be your own boss, consider the following options, all of which are popular choices for women who wish to earn money and raise a family at the same time.

Investing in Real Estate

For anyone interested in the real estate niche, the 2020s are a good time to explore all the possibilities. Real estate has long been a promising investment choice. Some of the reasons for the segment’s popularity among independent investors are its potential tax advantages, the opportunity for regular cash flow, long-term property appreciation, and techniques for deferring capital gains. Moms who want to get involved in real estate and keep their property taxes as low as possible should review online resources about 1031 Exchanges, unique tax arrangements that offer multiple advantages. By executing a 1031 exchange, it can give owners the freedom to buy and sell real estate without the usual headaches that come with multiple tax events, like excessive paperwork and higher expenses.

Selling Homemade Crafts

If you’re skilled at making anything by hand, look into the major platforms that help individuals sell directly to the public. Expect to pay a commission to the company that connects you with potential buyers. Earnings are unlimited but expect to spend at least six months building up a customer base and establishing your reputation online.

Working as a Virtual Assistant

Since the 2020 pandemic, opportunities for virtual assistants have exploded. There are thousands of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Of course, a candidate’s education and computer skills are directly related to potential earnings. If you already have experience in a particular industry, consider exploring VA jobs in that niche. Hiring agents for large corporations tend to prefer workers who know the lingo and operating methods of their industries.

Trading Foreign Currency

It’s taken more than a decade, but at-home forex trading has finally come into its own and built a massive following. Adults around the world work part-time or full-time, buying and selling foreign currencies. Their goal is to earn a profit, and it seems as if the ones who start out slowly and stick with the practice for a year or more have the most success. Be sure to only trade with money you can afford to lose, work with a reputable broker, and spend at least three months learning the basics.

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