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Top Plagiarism checkers for students

In education or any digital marketing content, students opt to make research online. Teachers always give assignments to students to monitor their progress. For that reason, they tend to copy from websites to add more points to the ones they have in essays.

For instance, if you are into writing, all your teacher expects from you is an accurate essay that is unique and plagiarism free. You happen to get higher marks if your written contents are also free from error.  However, you can make use some free plagiarism checker for students,  and essay examples that will help improve your writing. Below is a list of some duplicate checkers that students can use;

  • Graduateway
  • Grammarly
  • Uni check
  • Que text
  • Copyscape


This is a plagiarism checker free that assists students in the university. This is done by facilitating the uniqueness of their content. The website aids in tackling complicated tasks. It’s rather a database with essay samples. However, they give assignment writing assistance to students. Similarly, it delivers plagiarism and error-free assistance to students on time.

The efficacy of this online free plagiarism checker for students is great. It helps those who want to improve their essay writing skills, just like the essay examples. It contains available plagiarized essays on various topics compiled on the website.


Grammarly is an online plagiarism checker which aids in the restructuring of sentences. Be it in an essay or any content. According to intensive research, students in the university are still testifying about its benefits. Apart from word referencing, Grammarly works by using context to overhaul your sentences.

Using an AI-enabled algorithm helps surpass spellcheck. It also improves your writing’s cohesion, fluency, and vocabulary. Grammarly is a plagiarism checker-free website that allows students to spot and fix misspelled words. It also helps fix imperfect grammars and punctuation mistakes.

It has both a free package and an upgraded premium package. The free one only accesses up to 2000 words, while the premium package allows more words. With the help of Grammarly, your essay is always good to great.


Uni check is an online plagiarism checker free made for students and teachers in school. It is an online plagiarism checker which detects the improvement of the students’ writing skills and improves the assessment technique by automatically checking student work for sameness and providing comprehensive originality reports.

Unicheck works with University students to expand academic integrity and enhance their students’ writing skills. For instance, if you are given an essay to write on a particular topic, it is the unicheck that will access your vocabulary and tenses used. Using unicheck will help monitor your writing progress and facilitate your perfectness when it comes to unique content.


Quetext is a very effective online plagiarism checker for students who need to ascertain their content’s originality. Plagiarism. It checks plagiarism quickly and accurately. Quetext is a web-based online duplicate content checker tool that cites assistants for education, content creation, blogging, and other professions.

The platform gives features including DeepSearch technology for identifying cases of plagiarism, colour-coded feedback, side-by-side text comparison, plagiarism scoring, and more.

The tool is eligible to specify both exact and fuzzy matches and handle context intelligence to score the content. Quetext is a plagiarism checker free for checks of up to 2,500 words, and a Pro plan is ready for higher volume and extra features.


This website exists as an online plagiarism checker which searches whether similar text content appears elsewhere on the web. It is the direct remedy on the web for discovering online plagiarism. Similarly, Copyscape allows you to identify sites that have copied your content without approval, including those who are quoting your site. Suppose a person copied your content into his website unbeknownst to you; Copyscape has to spot the copied content vividly.


The top duplicate content checkers are Grammarly, Copyscape, graduate way, etc. The reason for this online plagiarism checker is to boost the uniqueness of your writing. In addition, most of them are plagiarism checker free which assists both students and teachers in the school. So, as a student, it is advisable to start making use of this online plagiarism checker to monitor and correct your errors in a piece.

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