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Top Security Technology to Look Out for When Choosing Your Child’s Next School

Now more than ever, children need to feel safe in their schools, and parents need to know that their children are safe. One of the most terrifying phenomena that schools face today is gun violence. Education Week reported 25 various shootings that took place on school grounds or at school events in 2019 alone.


With the Covid Pandemic and the upheaval that followed in educational institutions and school systems globally, school security has become even more of a priority. So, what should parents consider when selecting the best school for their child?

Advances in technology have led to the creation of new smart systems for building and property security, and school administrations need to be looking at what technology can offer to guarantee proper safety for students, teachers, and school personnel.

What is security technology offering?

Building and Logistical Management 

To adequately manage school campuses, buildings, and properties, security management design will need to include various aspects of property logistics:

  • Entrance management
  • Playground safety
  • Video security 
  • Shooter detection systems with gunshot detection sensors

Twenty years ago, a shooting rampage at Columbine High School stunned a nation, and copycats have continued to destroy the fabric of trust in educational institutions nationwide. The introduction of firearms inside school buildings demonstrates the need for new smart technology for gunshot detection. These systems are capable of detecting fired shots and of sending a communication within a second of the shot being fired.

Entry Management 

Managing who enters a school is one of the most important security steps a school can take. Schools need to keep entrances and exits locked to prevent unwanted visitors from entering school premises. Visitors to the school need to enter through a specific entrance following a specific protocol. School door lock systems, security technology, and equipment for controlling entries to school property are available to guarantee that unwanted visitors are not permitted on school property without the knowledge of administrators or security personnel.

Wireless door locks installed on electromagnetic doors can be controlled by authorities to remotely lock and unlock doors and thus visitors are granted entrance or not. Systems that use Integrated Access Control will identify a person entering school property exclusively to verify they are who they say they are. Once verification is completed, guests will be granted access to the school and directed to the correct office or location.

Video Security states that 90% of U.S. schools from Kindergarten through Grade 12 have video cameras together with security equipment.

Compared to the 19% of public schools with video cameras in 1999-2000 with the 81% found in 2015-16, video cameras were integrated into access management systems to oversee activities at entrances. Video security offers optimal management in school locations where large numbers of people congregate including auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums, hallways, and libraries, for safety purposes. Video security can also integrate alert messaging or panic buttons directly connected to local law enforcement should an emergency arise.

Visitor Management 

Once upon a time IDs were checked and people signed into a visitor’s log. Technological advances have eliminated the need for this. Visitor management systems are now able to video record entrances and exits and register times. They are also able to scan state and federal identification cards of visitors entering. The information is then processed through national databases for child endangerment issues or registered sex offenders to prevent potentially dangerous people from entering schools.

Automatic Lockdown 

Automatic lockdown systems partner with police and first responders. A school will go into lockdown mode with the push of a button. With automatic lockdown, school administrators control all doors, entrances, and exits. These systems prevent intruders from doing damage and school shootings from happening. Police and pre-authorized personnel obtain immediate access to a locked-down facility through ID scanning.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines 

In consideration of the increase of weapons brought onto school premises, x-ray machines, or metal detectors positioned at entrances can prevent weapons from entering schools but also act as a deterrent for those even considering such a move.  These machines detect guns and knives, or dangerous objects. This degree of detection permits security personnel to confiscate anything considered potentially dangerous before it enters a school building.

Panic Buttons 

Panic buttons today have become mobile. Teachers, administrators, and security personnel can now wear portable panic buttons on pockets, collars, or belts all day. Should a health emergency, or a dangerous situation evolve, the wearer pushes the button, alerting authorities and security personnel as well as administrators. Security personnel then move into action to inform anyone on the property. First responders are likewise alerted and travel immediately to the school. Panic buttons can also integrate microphones and amplification as a temporary alert system. 

Final Thoughts

No child can ever be too safe at school, and security technology is on the cutting edge of guaranteeing your child’s safety together with the safety of those entrusted with his or her care.

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