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Top Tips For Family Budgeting

Having a family means expenses, expenses, expenses!

Big or small you are always needing to fork out money on something or someone. Oftentimes unexpectedly. This is why budgeting for a family is so important. With a budget, you can stay in control of your family’s finances by compiling and calculating your spending in one place. 

Budgeting for a family can be tricky as their multiple people that you have to take into consideration. Each family member may have very different financial needs. This is all the more reason to create a family budgeting system, to avoid any financial confusion.

Create A Budget For The Whole Family 

As stressful as it sounds, it is needed. Many families do not create a family budget which can lead to many financial confusions or “blind spending”. You want to make sure that in any circumstance, especially in an emergency you or anyone else in your family is financially covered with change to spare. 

It is important to keep a detailed budget for every person in your household. A budget does not have to be fancy nor does it have to be too complicated. Keep it simple so that you can easily keep track of the amounts coming in and going out. 

For the adults of the family, you want to make sure that your budget also includes money coming in from investments, government benefits, income and more as a full tally will give you a full indication of the amount you are starting with before you spend on anything. 

As well as consider expenses such as insurance, policies and asset payments. Although these are not financial considerations for the whole family it is important to add these to the budget so that it gives you a full spectrum of what you can spend after these important expenses are paid. 

If there are children in the family you would want to add school fees, school supplies, extra-curricular activities and other important expenses to the family budget. 

Prioritizing your expenses from important to least important is key in calculating what it is you will have left on the fun stuff. 

Set Financial Goals 

As a family, it is important to set financial goals. It would be easier to set short-term goals as well as long-term goals. This way you will be able to differentiate between what goals need to be achieved first. 

Perhaps you have a family vacation that you want to save and planning on going in the next month or buying a new family car at the end of the year. 

Setting these goals out for you to see what is achievable in a short amount of time compared to what has time to be achieved will relieve financial stress and allow you to budget accordingly. Avoid overspending or any kind of confusion. 

Be Consistent With Planning 

Planning is a full-proof way to stay on top of your family’s finances. This is a culmination of both the budgeting and financial goals aspects. Planning should include scheduling. Not only for the activities of your family but also for payments. 

What to plan for:

  • Each family member’s activity and what it costs 
  • Family activities and what it costs
  • Dates of when money should be received
  • Dates of when payments should be made

Yes, it may seem like a tremendous amount of dates! Keep your planning simple and easy to understand and it will make your life much easier. 

Get The Family Involved

Getting the whole family involved in budgeting allows everyone to discuss their financial needs with each other. This creates a group understanding and will make sure that everyone is on the same page. 

It is also a great way to teach younger family member’s about financial responsibilities. How to budget and set financial goals. 

Having the whole family involved in the budgeting process allows for the discussions of changing family spending habits. Perhaps, it can be time to set fun financial goals by creating a family incentive system for daily spending goals. Such as not buying takeout for the week or cutting down on fuel costs by commuting to places. 


Any kind of financial task, especially budgeting for a whole family can be stressful. However, keeping it simple and making it something that the whole family can be a part of can make it worthwhile. 

Create a system that works for you and your family. Planning and prioritising is a sure way to stay on track. Throwing in a fun family challenge now and then would keep the whole family motivated. A budgeting win for everyone! 

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