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Top Tips for Packing for Family Vacation

Packing for family vacation tips

Summer is here and that means it is vacation time!

As parents, we get to enjoy some relief from the daily routines involved with school…packing lunches, hurrying in the morning to rush out the door, and monitoring daily homework all get a little less focus.  We all want summer vacation to be filled with happy memories, especially when we travel on family vacations.

In order to make these amazing memories, we need to get our families out the door…hopefully with everything they need.  Here are two ways we get organized when packing for family vacation.

Packing for family vacation with packing cubes

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are sold as individual pieces or in sets of three.  We purchased a set of three packing cubes for each person in our family about five years ago from Ebags.  The sets are great because you can organize diapers or undergarments in the smaller cubes, swimsuits and pajamas in the middle sized, and clothing in the largest cube.

For children up to age ten, the set of three works perfectly.  For children older than ten and adults, you may want to consider adding an additional large cube to your packing cube set.

Each person in your family should get their own color for their packing cubes; this makes it easy for each person to find their clothing and belongings while traveling.  And if you train yourselves and your children to keep items inside the cubes, you stay organized for your entire trip. They are also easy to pull out of the suitcase to toss in a drawer.

Packing for family vacation with zip lock bags

Ziploc Bags

Another tip to help you get…and stay organized when packing for family vacation is to use Ziploc bags for outfits for your children.  You can label each day, label them by occasion, or simply leave them unlabeled and let your kids have the freedom of choice.  The benefit is that even if you give your kids the freedom to choose, you know they will match and look nice!  Shelby went into more detail on how she used this packing method to pack for the Disney Social Media Moms conference!

Which method do you think will work the best for your family?

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  1. One more little tip for zip lock bags, take along a quart size and sandwich size zip lock bag. Keep them in your pocket, and drop your camera in the quart size bag, and your wallet or cell phone in the sandwich zip lock bag. It’s a great way to keep everything dry on those great water rides we all love on hot days.
    Have fun!

    • Great tip Glenn!!

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