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Top Ways To Ensure That Your Kids Spend Less Time On The Screen

Have you ever thought about how many hours your child plays on their mobile phone or uses their tablet every day? Studies show that 8 to 18-year-olds spend almost 7.5 hours a day using screens. That number is overwhelming, especially if the total time they are awake for a day is eight or nine hours. The good news is that reducing that number is a lot easier than you think. As much as screens are part of today’s culture, you will find plenty of health benefits associated with reducing screen time, such as improved physical health, reduced obesity,  a better imagination, and increased play and exploration time. This is specifically true for kids who spend a lot of time studying on computers and tablets. It is important to take a break and enjoy some physical activity. That said, we’ll show you awesome ways to help your kids spend less time on screens.


Be a Role Model

When it comes to using screens, you need to be a role model for your children as a parent. Before watching one of your favorite Netflix series, remember that you are about to be setting an example for your kids with your own screen time. Moreover, when you keep your TV on all the time to create background noise or scroll your phone when you have free time, you may not be the best role model for the screen-related behavior you expect from your child. So,start with yourself in terms of limiting your own screen time. By all means, reply to text and WhatsApp messages if you need to, but don’t allow social media to control you or your time. Take up a new hobby yourself, and you will notice that your kids are going to do the same.

Introduce Them to Other Activities

With an abundance of games, apps, content, and devices, kids can easily rely on electronics to stay entertained. Introduce your child to other activities that do not require a screen. Reading a book or playing family board games are some great examples. You can also invest in an outdoor game to keep your child amused. You can purchase big carnival amusements and games that are fun and entertaining for the whole family. Moreover, you can establish a schedule for everyone in the house to follow. By explaining to your child what is allowed and what is not on a screen, you can clarify your expectations and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Allow Your Kids to Teach You

Today’s youngsters are tech-savvy, make no mistake. They know more about electronics and the internet than adults do. Parents need to keep up with what is happening when it comes to modern games, apps, trends, and social media platforms. For example, you can’t educate your child on the dangers of social media until you recognize the risks yourself. Similarly, you won’t be capable of saving them from watching specific styles of media, such as violent video games, if you don’t recognize how those kinds of media are rated.

Set Strict Rules

Create zones where electronic devices, such as mobile phones, portable video games, or tablets are not allowed. Apply this rule in places like the dining room and kitchen, where the whole family can enjoy screen-free meals and healthy conversations. Make time for the whole family to disconnect from the tech gadgets an hour before bedtime and during meal times. When the whole family agrees to set all devices aside, you will have a better opportunity to have thoughtful and enjoyable times together. Sharing the details of your day or just having conversations as a family makes you bond and brings laughter and joy.

Utilize Parental Controls

Plenty of tools can prevent children from accessing certain 18+ content on the internet or television. You can use the parental controls and configure them to block or filter unwanted content on your routers, TV, and web browsers. If your child has a smartphone, you can find built-in downloadable apps or settings that can be used to filter specific content. In many cases, you can also block web searches, certain websites, and even keywords.


Electronics can keep your child occupied for an unlimited amount of time, but you don’t want them to spend most of their time in front of a screen. Our screen-based world today doesn’t make it easy to set limits on the time our children spend playing video games or watching cartoons. It is best to start with yourself as a parent controlling your own screen time and educate your children that family time is more important. Make sure to save these listed tips and start applying them immediately to keep your kids protected.

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