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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Tour the Original In-N-Out in Baldwin Park

Tour the Original In-n-out

In-N-Out is a staple for OC Natives. We have grown-up eating their famous burgers, and all have our favorite “off the menu” In-N-Out creation. In-N-Out first opened their doors in Baldwin Park, and while the original sign does still stand, they have created a replica of the original In-N-Out that your family can tour for free! While it is a replica, it is where the original In-N-Out did once stand.

The first in-n-out

the original in-n-out

replica of the original in-n-out

During the holiday break, I took the kids up to Baldwin Park to tour the replica. Unfortunately, it was closed on the day that we went to visit, but that didn’t stop us from looking at it through the cracks of the gate.

Kids excited to tour in-n-out

Original In-n-out sign

Original in-n-out in Baldwin Park

The replica is super cool, and every In-N-Out fan should plan a visit. Everything in the replica is just like the original, and it stands next to the original In-N-Out sign.

In-n-out university

In-n-out throwback sign

Once we were done checking out the replica, we walked under the freeway overpass to have lunch at In-N-Out (of course). We savored every bite of our 3×3 and animal style fries. The in-n-out is right next to the company store where guests can get practically anything they could imagine with the In-N-Out logo on it. From bikinis to baby bibs – they have it.

in-n-out merchandise

in-n-out company store

When is it open? Thursday – Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm

Where is it located? 13766 Francisquito Ave., Baldwin Park, CA


headquarters for in-n-out

In-n-out baldwin park

Have fun bringing your kids to tour the replica of the original In-N-Out and then have lunch together as a family.

in-n-out sign

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  1. Sweet! I Spent the first 50 years of my life in Orange County and never knew that this place existed! Of course it might be because it was in LA County? The first one that we all called the In-N-Out was actually on Main St. in Santa Ana and was REALLY called something like Quik-Snack (for DBA purposes). But it was the same idea only it was owned by just one guy who worked in it everday for about 30 years (circa 1950-1980?)

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