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Toy Story 4 – 24 Years of Magic

You always remember the firsts. The first time you rode a bike, the first day of school, your first movie ever which for my now 11 year old daughter was Toy Story 3. It is so fitting that 9 years to the date we saw Toy Story 4. She was only 2 and was completely taken by the film. She didn’t leave her seat once which for a 2 year old is as much of a miracle as a mom of a 2 year old getting a full nights sleep. Of course with such endearing characters who would want to take their eyes off the screen.


With Toy Story 4 we take a look back 9 years to the rainy day that Woody said goodbye to his love Bo Peep. Life went on for Woody without Peep. Andy grew up, the toys went into the toy box, Andy went to college, the toys were donated to Bonnie who became their new child. As Bonnie grew, Woody started to question his place in Bonnie’s world. The bond he had with Andy was like no other and even though Woody loved Bonnie, it just wasn’t the same. Each child is different and has their own path. Sometimes you don’t fit in that world and it’s okay just as long as they have a special friend to be there emotionally for them. In comes Forky, the trash loving Spork that will grab your heart and make you giggle. Not quite understanding his role as Bonnie’s special friend, Forky takes a literal leap of faith and ends up reuniting Woody with Bo Peep. As Forky discovers what it means to be a special toy, Woody discovers that maybe being Bonnie’s toy isn’t the path that he was destined for. The movie introduces us to a whole group of new toys that make you laugh, cry, and even creep out a bit which adds to the charm of this heartwarming movie. With each film our family toy collection has grown and I’m pretty sure we will have a few new friends in the weeks to come.

  The gang at Pixar did it again with Toy Story 4 and as I sat in my seat tears streaming down my cheeks I took a deep breath and said goodbye to the toys that have been part of my world since 1995. Thank you Pixar for bringing this magical world to life, keeping my love of toys alive, and for making me cry for 24 years. Disney Pixar’s opens in theatres everywhere on June 21st!

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