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Trader Joe’s Tasty Tostada Recipe

Simple Chicken Tostada Recipe.

Trader Joe’s is my go-to place for a quick dinner. When I am stuck wondering, “what can I make for dinner?” the girls that work in the sample section of our local Trader Joe’s always have the answer.

One of my favorite recipes that they have shared with me is their simple, delicious, and tasty tostada recipe. You can make these tostadas for your family within minutes, and everyone in your family is guaranteed to love the delicious flavor. I also made this recipe for a friend who recently had a baby, and she immediately asked me to share the recipe, because everyone in her family loved it.

Everything you need to make this recipe needs to come from Trader Joe’s. The meat and the ingredients for the sauce come from their meat and salsa making it hard to recreate with traditional grocery store ingredients.

1 package of Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado
1 cup of sour cream
1 cup of Trader Joe’s Homestyle Salsa Especial
2 cup of Mexican mix shredded cheese
1 package of corn tortillas or tostada shells
(optional oil if making your own tostada shells)

1. If you are going to make your own tostada shells, fry them in oil, and then let them dry on paper towels.

Making homemade Tostadas

2. Cook the chicken in a saucepan until fully cooked.

Chicken for tostadas

3. Put the cooked chicken on a cutting board and chopped well.
4. Mix the sour cream and salsa in a bowl well.
5. Take a tostada shell, top with salsa mixture, meat, cheese.
6. Enjoy!

This dinner is so easy and perfect for those busy nights when the kids are back in school.

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