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Travel to a Natural Oasis at 29 Palms Inn

We visited as a guest of the venue

29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Do you ever have those moments in life where you feel so lucky to be exactly where you are at the moment? Well, we had one of those experiences when we visited the 29 Palms Inn.

Oasis of Mara at 29 Palms Inn

Sometimes you get the chance to discover a real gem! We felt that way when we drove thru the front entrance at The 29 Palms Inn. A beautiful natural Oasis in the high desert, located adjacent to Joshua Tree on 30 acres of natural reserve.

29 Palms Inn Joshua Tree Mural

Backyard of West End Cottage at 29 Palms in Joshua Tree

The property is so unique that we wanted to explore it immediately but the sun was setting on this special evening, and we needed to locate our cottage.

Bedroom at 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Inside the rooms at 29 Palms Inn

Joshua Tree Sunset

Our home for the night was the West End Cottage; a spacious two bedroom, one bath including a kitchen, cozy living room with a rock fireplace and even a piano for entertaining. Oh, this was going to be a fun night! We wandered to the back of the property to discover a fenced yard, complete with patio furniture and a barbecue. Little extras such as a crate of firewood near the front door and beautiful homemade sandalwood soap made our stay feel like home.

Pool at 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Gathering in the evening with friends at the poolside restaurant was a such a treat! 29 Palms Inn has an amazing on-site restaurant with top notch menu choices. Many visitors come to the Inn for dining only; it’s a well known relaxed environment with fine dining entrées. Pasta dishes of Shrimp and Scallops over a bed of Angel Hair, a gorgeous Grilled Flat Iron Steak served alongside Seasonal Vegetables grown right on the property, Chops, Rib Eyes and the extras of Bleu Cheese and Bacon Butter or Sautéed Mushrooms. There is something for everyone, and you’ll find the chef is accommodating with dietary needs.

Farm at 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Hammock at 29 Palms Inn

We had everything we needed and more; a comfortable evening around the pool with good friends, enjoying excellent food, great conversation, and the perfect acoustic music; all beneath the light of a gorgeous full moon.

Sunrise at 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Rising early the next morning in the cool, brisk air, we sat on our porch to take in the rising sun over the desert. Breathtaking, peaceful and quiet.

Map of 29 Palms Inn

Later walking the property we discovered the Oasis of Mara in the middle of the property; set alongside a serene pond with a lovely houseboat. The Oasis of Mara was a village site centuries earlier of the Serrano Indians as it was a great site for growing their crops. There is a tremendous amount of history you can learn more about when you visit The 29 Palms Inn.

Mural on an adobe at 29 Palms Inn

Oh, and make sure to meander and take the time to notice the many murals on the structures; beautiful pieces of art against the desert sky and sudden pops of color speak to your soul.

Wood Cabin at 29 Palms Inn

There are about 23 different historical Guesthouses, Cottages, Wood Framed Cabins and Adobe Bungalows to choose from with accommodations perfect for individuals, couples or families. You’ll also be happy to know that 29 Palms Inn is pet-friendly. So you can enjoy having your furry friends along in your room, around the pool and enjoying the desert air with you. We had fun playing with a couple of dogs visiting while we ate our breakfast poolside the following morning.

Pet friendly 29 Palms Inn in Joshua Tree

Dog visiting 29 Palms in Joshua Tree

We knew we couldn’t have asked for a better getaway. Given a chance to reconnect to one another and slow down. Shoulders have dropped, and we are officially relaxed. We are so looking forward to a return visit and sharing our experience with you and others. When you find that glistening gem in the desert, it must be shared!

29 Palms Inn is located at 73950 Inn Ave, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277. Reservations are available online or by calling (760) 367-3505.

Darice is a very active mother of a gorgeous daughter. Darice, enjoys a career in sales, surrounded by many friends and family; always taking on another opportunity for growing and networking. A people person who embraces trying new things, helping others, a social butterfly and enjoys cheering on her niece and nephew at soccer and/or volleyball games.
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