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Travelers’ Favorite Drinks

Every region or country has its featured drink that travelers associate with their local experience. Here are the favorite drinks that journey lovers prefer.

Cocktails at Las Brisas

Travelers’ Favorite Drinks

Travelers enjoy tasting local drinks in the destination countries of their journeys. A lot of them even tend to enrich their collection of tasted drinks regularly. Countries have their featured drinks, too. Sometimes, a drink itself is a reason for a person to visit a country for the first time or to come back there just willing to taste that drink again.

Every drink is an inevitable element of the region’s culture. Most frequently, such beverages date back into ancient times and have multiple legends and stories connected. So, travelers love tasting featured drinks a lot.

Here is the list including the most popular drinks from different countries that travelers like the most. They come to these places to taste a drink, and then they come back to feel the same taste again. Check out top drinks loved by experienced travelers.

Moroccan Tea

Moroccan tea is made with the use of mint. It was originally brought by Tuareg tribes who know how to protect themselves from heat and thirst. One may wonder, but a portion of hot and sweet mint tea fits the best to take thirst away. They make Moroccan Tuareg tea in a small teapot or glass by adding hot water to a branch of a mint bush. It’s a drink of unbelievable taste and aroma. One should taste it obligately when they visit Morocco.

Czech Cherry Punch

In the Czech Republic, punch tastes especially well at Christmas holiday markets. For instance, you might want to visit the one in Prague as the best opportunity. A sweet portion of punch is served when hot to warm a drinker up in cold weather. And it completes the mission perfectly!

Costa Rican Coffee

Single-origin beans from Costa Rica are becoming more and more popular among coffee lovers nowadays. Many enthusiasts around the world look for the best costa rican coffee brands to get and ask for direct deliveries only to taste that magnificent drink with its strong and bracing aroma. When you are in Costa Rica, you should not forget to taste their best coffee made of premium beans. Actually, that perfect cup alone is worth traveling to that country in Central America.

Hong Kong Almond Milk

Whenever you plan to visit China, and, in particular, Hong Kong, you need to find a way to taste their local drink based on almond milk. It’s amazing!

That almond milk drink is very nourishing and tasty. In fact, it can even deal with your mild hunger perfectly. Milk has a consistency of cream with a featured marzipan taste. Chinese serve it both as a hot and a cold drink. Obviously, a hot glass of almond milk is perfect for getting warm whenever you need it. A cold drink is better to taste on hot summer days, though there is a lot of ice that can dilute it too much. It’s your call which one you prefer.

Spanish Sangria

When in Spain, you literally have a moral obligation to taste a portion of authentic sangria. Originally, this drink came out as a way to use a bit of spoiled fruit. However, nowadays it is made of fresh ones. By the way, locals drink hot sangria in winter. It suits as a warmup drink perfectly.

Those who find sangria too heavy or “charged” might want to go in for another option. It’s called tinto de verano, aka summer wine. That drink is served with a lot of ice in it, so it is softer and less intense compared to sangria. Maximum flexibility for tourists!

Tequila and Mezcal in Mexico

Mexico is a perfect place for those who love strong alcohol. Obviously, there is the most authentic tequila one can find on this planet. Experienced tourists say that one can become a real Mexican after tasting some tequila shots. Like, you become very cheerful, friendly, and happy.

After you’re done with tequila, there is one more drink to taste. It’s mezcal which is also based on blue agave. The point is its taste is stronger and more intense. Ready to risk? Come to Mexico!

Wine, Champagne, and Cognac in France

 France is a country with a rich history of drink breweries. They have excellent wines. They are champagne inventors. And their cognacs are also excellent. So, if you plan to visit Paris, Nice, Nimes, or any other place in France, you are bound to drink alcohol at least a little.

Actually, local drinks alone are worth traveling to France. Everyone admiring tourism has to taste French alcohol directly in places where drinks were born. However, many travelers make a common mistake: they limit themselves to champagne and wines. In France, you need to taste local cognacs as well!

To Conclude

Those drinks above are only some of the featured beverages that travelers love the most. The world is full of exciting experiences, and tasting different drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones, is a perfect opportunity to join the history of a region you travel to. If you want more, there always remains German beer, Russian vodka, and many more featured beverages. You can’t taste them all within a single life, but you sure can try!

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