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Trendy And Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Registry

Wedding registries used to be a list of household items couples need to fill their new homes. Guests would purchase everything from linens to silverware to ensure you have everything you need to start your lives together. While there’s nothing wrong with asking for these types of gifts, it’s not ideal for every couple. If you already have a fully-stocked residence or have been living together for years, chances are new pillowcases and towels aren’t practical. 

Today’s couples have stepped away from traditional wedding registry gifts and opted to ask for things they can appreciate. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to add, these trendy and unique items should give you some ideas. 

Honeymoon Fund

A trendy wedding registry item is the honeymoon fund. As the name implies, it’s a fund that guests contribute to for your romantic getaway. Whether you need help paying for the plane tickets and AirBNB or there’s a particular activity you’d like to try on your honeymoon, the funds from guests can cover the costs. This concept saves the bride and groom money and allows them to have a more eventful experience. 

Donation To Charity

Couples who don’t have any immediate needs but share a passion for a charity or cause might ask their guests for donations. Whether you collect $100 or $5,000, the funds can go a long way in helping to support something the two of you care about. 

Miscellaneous Home Decor

While you may not need to fill a house with decor, cookware, and appliances, perhaps there are a few things you could think of to spruce up your space. Maybe your home office would look better with a bold-patterned area rug or some artwork. If your dish set is mix-match, there’s nothing wrong with adding a new set to your registry. Take a survey of your home and write down things that could add a bit more style and personality to the space and add them to your wedding registry. 

The Experience Registry

The first few years of your marriage are about getting to know each other on a deeper level and experiencing things together. What better way to do that than to indulge in a little fun and adventure? If you’re the type of couple that enjoys hiking, skydiving, camping, or extreme watersports, why not ask friends and family to chip in for your experiences? Whether you ask for gear, tickets, or cash to indulge in these activities, it’s a great way to ensure you two have a good time. 

Personal Interest Registries

What are some other things that you and your future spouse have in common? Whether you enjoy cooking and indulging in new dishes or you’re both health and fitness junkies, there are plenty of things you can add to your wedding registry. Foodies might enjoy cooking lessons or a set of cutting knives to use when preparing meals at home. A couple into wellness could add everything from workout gear to gift cards for wellness stores. When you create a wedding registry related to your interests, the skies are the limits. 

Future Investment Registry

Last but not least, couples can get a headstart on preparing for their future by asking for cash investments on their wedding registry. If you have small children, you might benefit from asking guests to contribute to their college fund. Plan on moving into a new place? Why not ask for assistance with the down payment or closing costs? Just be sure to thank your guests once you reach your goal. 

Your wedding registry is all about you and your spouse-to-be. It’s about asking for things that will make your lives together easier. If you already have household items, don’t be afraid to step away from tradition and ask for something trendy and unique. Whether you ask for contributions to your honeymoon or investments in your future, your guests would be thrilled to know they’ve gotten you something you can appreciate. 

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