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How to Troubleshoot Dryer Issues

Moms that use dryers on a regular basis often rely on them heavily. Should you have nowhere to hang clothes or you live in a wet climate, not having your dryer working is a huge problem. If it breaks down it is good to know how to quickly identify what the issue is and how to fix it. Here are details of some common dryer issues along with some information to help you to get it working again.

Tips on fixing a dryer

Your dryer won’t turn on at all

Unless you have a dryer that is more than 40 years old it will have a thermal fuse built-in. It is there to make sure that it does not overheat. If things get too hot it is this fuse that causes things to shut down. Once it blows, your dryer will not turn on at all. To learn how to check if your dryer thermal fuse is blown, click the link. Do not worry if it has blown, as you can usually order one online and replace it yourself.

The dryer runs but does not heat up

This is another dryer issue that can be caused by a blown thermal fuse. Again, just replace it to solve the problem.

The dryer does not get the clothes dry

Most of the time the underlying cause of this issue is a broken heating element. You can buy the part online and there are plenty of videos, like this one, that show you how to fit it.

The dryer is noisy when in operation

Most dryers are heavily used, so, unsurprisingly, parts start to wear out over time. When that happens the parts grate against each other instead of gliding gently past. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell what has worn without taking your machine apart. But this short YouTube video may help you to narrow things down a bit, so you do not end up stripping everything down unnecessarily.

The dryer drum does not turn

If your dryer’s belt is worn or stretched it can become too slack to turn the drum. With the right tools, this is a fairly easy thing to fix. But don’t dive right in without first going online to learn how to do so. There is a knack to it. You may also want to ask someone else to help you with this fix. It is easier to do if the drum is being held steady.

Clean and maintain your dryer

The above are the main issues you are likely to have with dryers. As you can see, most of them are easily repairable. Keeping your dryer clean and not overloading it will help to reduce your chances of having these problems.
If you do and you take your machine apart, look around for other potential issues. For example, signs the belt is starting to go slack or the drum wheels are wearing. If you see issues consider repairing them too before they break completely. Staying ahead of problems, when you can, is the best way to avoid having to spend a week or so drying your clothes in other ways.

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