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TV Shows with Interesting Plots for Youth And Their Families

Do you feel tired from all those essays you have to write? Do you need to rewind from writing that exhausting research paper and attending classes without an end? One great way to get the much-needed relaxation is a good TV show. If you have some free time, grab the remote and look for some of the movies in our list!

As a student, you probably have a lot on your plate. To speed things up, use the smart spell for good grades and run your papers through help of professional essay writers. They will tell you if your essays are ready and free of plagiarism, and you can submit them as soon as possible. While your teachers are grading college papers and sharing their teacher comments for students’ writing, you can lay on the couch, grab some popcorn, and binge watch an amazing TV show!

1.    The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries won numerous Teen Choice Awards, as well as 4 People’s Choice Awards in its day. The pilot episode premiered in 2009, while the TV show concluded in 2017. Its fame led to the creation of two TV show sequels, even! This means that, once you’re done watching it, you have many more episodes with some of the actors to binge watch!

If you are into the supernatural, this TV show is one of the most engaging made. Developed by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson and based on the book series (yes, you can also read the stories) by L.J.Smith, The Vampire Diaries became instantly popular with the youth.

On your screen, you’ll see one of the most unexpected, and greatest love triangles of all times. The plot seems so realistic that it makes you feel like the supernatural really exists.

2.    Yellowjackets

Long TV-shows are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have limited time or don’t want to start a TV show that spreads across many seasons, start Yellowjackets. So far, this fictional story is spread across 10 episodes, though a season 2 was recently announced.

The theories in the movie are intricate and slightly scary. Yellowjacket talks of a high school soccer team that crashed with a private plan in the wilderness in 1996.

3.    Love, Victor

If you are up to something more unique, you should give Love, Victor a peek. In the TV show, Victor is exploring his sexual orientation at a time when he has to deal with academic troubles. He turns to his friend Simon to better deal with his conflictions.

This is an educational TV show that will show you how a person explores themselves in youth without pressure or judgment, just like it should be.

4.    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy was the supernatural favorite show of the youth for the older generations, but it remains popular to this very day. It’s hard to believe that the first episode aired in 1997. With 144 episodes in total, this supernatural show has everything to keep you intrigued and curious.

Buffy is the girl that paved all supernatural favorites of today. The 16-years old girl is a fearless, strong-willed heroine, surrounded with the best friends a girl can get.

5.    High School Musical

Featuring amazing actors like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the 2006 High School Musical show is a must-see for students. There’s even a mockumentary that aired in 2019, inspired by this show and created by Disney+.

High School Musical features Efron as the basketball team captain and Montez as a transfer student. Upon its release, it swiftly became the most successful DCOM ever made. It generated 7.7 million in the premiere broadcast and there were 225 million viewers to watch the show as of 2019!

6.    Rebelde

Ask the older generations – and even your parents and most of them will know what the original Rebelde Way show was all about! This was one of the most popular youth shows in the world when it aired. Based on its success, Netflix revived the hit and called it Rebelde.

Similarly to the Argentine telenovela, the Mexican TV show also follows a group of teenagers at a boarding school who join in a band.

7.    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

It might not revive the plot of the Sabrina the Teenage Witch popular with the older generations, but this new TV show also has a teenage witch! Kiernan Shipka in the role of Sabrina is a half-mortal and half-witch, and she struggles to juggle her regular life with her magical life.

Wrapping Up

Have you seen any of these shows? There are many others, too, but these are a great place to start. Stream your favorite, relax, and enjoy the best teen shows of today!



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