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Tween App Review: GGG – It’s a Girls World

Complimentary download provided

Do you like to do D.I.Ys, or catch up on cool, funny stuff? If so, GGG – It’s a Girls World is the app for you.


GGG – It’s a Girls World is a fun tween app that will help you get fun ideas, vote (for TV shows, nothing serious), laugh, and catch up on the latest trends. GGG – It’s a Girls World is like Pinterest for tween girls except you are browsing — not posting photos and ideas as a user. It’s simple, but before you go and download the app, there are a few things you should know:

The app has some creative, great ideas and cool D.I.Ys. It’s also addicting, and kid safe, and there’s a lot of categories to choose from when browsing including:







♥ Top Gifs

♥ Videos

Some cons of the app is that it took forever to load on my android device. It would be cool if girls could post pics if they have a secure account, but this app is for looking and liking only. Videos don’t seem to load or play. The last con is that it is not Apple friendly. Since I have an iPod this is a problem.

Overall GGG – It’s a Girls World is a pretty good app. The Google Play ratings were 3.5 stars. Well, I better go check out this app because after all, it is a super fun Girl World!

Sarah is an OC Mom Blog tween contributor. She’s an avid reader and writer and loves fashion, music, singing, acting, soccer and telling jokes. She recently earned her green belt in Karate.
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