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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Tween Guide to going to the OC Fair

We attended as a guest of the OC Fair


If you are a tween and going to the OC Fair with your older brother, younger brother, older sister, etc, then you will want to know these few tips on what to do when you are there. I have two brothers (one older, and one younger) and we had a blast this year at the OC Fair.





If you are not into roller coasters then they have plenty of rides that are not scary or high. I personally like big and scary rides. If you like those kind of rides they have a lot of those. With my little brother I like to go on the rides he is tall enough to go on, and with my older brother I like to go on the big scary rides. If you are looking to stay on a budget I would recommend going to your nearest library and picking up “Read Two Books get 3 Rides Free” paper. Me and my family do this every year.


Carnival Games
They have many Carnival games that will tempt you to play to win the big (not to mention fluffy) prizes. Make sure to bring your allowance with you to play to win some of these fun prizes. I love playing the ring toss because 1 ring can win you a huge prize! Make sure you save a lot of room in your car to have room for these (easy to win) prizes.




If you are into crazy foods this is going to your #1 place. My favorite food is the “Deep Fried Oreos.” If you love oreos then you are in for a treat with this delicious dessert. If you don’t like to eat fruits and veggies, then I know you’ll like eating them deep fried at the fair. If you are like me than you like everything deep fried.




Other Activities
The other activities at the fair are super fun! There are multiple things to do such as an ice rink, an ice museum, petting zoo, etc. The petting zoo you can never get too old for. There are llamas, baby pigs, goats, baby goats, and hens. The ice museum is a super fun way to cool down! It is -0 degrees in the ice museum, but don’t worry they give you coats to wear. The last activity I love is the ice rink. I love to skate and it is the best way for cooling down at the fair.

I hope all of you tweens/teens love the fair as much as I do. Don’t forget to bring a hat and some sunglasses because it can get really hot at the fair.

Admission & Parking:
Single Day Admission
General (13-59): $12
Senior (60+): $7
Youth (6-12): $7
Children 5 and Under are free!

Ella is the OC Mom Blog tween blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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