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Ultimate Angel’s Fan Afternoon with Mike Trout

We attended the event as a guest of BODYARMOR Sports Drink

Angel fan memories with Mike Trout

When we were invited to a private meet and greet with Angels’ centerfielder Mike Trout, we knew just the family to send to this event. Huge Angels baseball – and more importantly Mike Trout – fans, this athletic family of four were just the people to represent OC Mom Blog in going to the Big A and getting some fun details of Mike Trout’s life and baseball career.

Here’s our experience….

Mike Trout Meet n Greet


There are a couple of things you need to know about my family. First, we love baseball. Second, we love Angels baseball.

Family Tour of Angels Stadium

When I found out that our editor needed someone to cover this special event. The big question was, do I tell my kids? It was decided, definitely not. We needed them to sleep for the next month. The kids found out Monday morning about an hour before we left for the stadium. Needless to say, they were extremely excited and started peppering me with questions. Most of which I answered, “I don’t know.” The truth was I didn’t know what we were going to other than Trouty (that’s what we call Mike Trout) would be there, and it was happening at Angels Stadium.

BodyArmor Meet n Greet with Mike Trout

We arrived at the big A (Angels Stadium) about 15 minutes early. We saw a couple of pop-up tents and some BODYARMOR Sports Drink signs. That must be where we were heading. BODYARMOR is a sports hydration drink that sponsors Trout. We checked in and were each given a raffle ticket and told we would be having lunch in the Lexus Diamond Club. We also grabbed some BODYARMOR drinks. We all grabbed a different flavor so we could taste them all. I have to say; they were all excellent.

Mike Trout and Mike Trout at Angels Stadium

When we were allowed to enter the stadium we were told we could go out and take pictures next to the field. We found our table and made a beeline outside. It’s not often we get to go to the big A when it’s empty. It’s a beautiful field and stadium. We got our pictures and headed back indoors to lunch on fruit, turkey wraps, and more Body Armor. During lunch, the Body Armor representatives did two raffle drawings. My daughter won the second drawing. She won an American League Trout All-Star t-shirt and a Trout Fathead. My daughter was so excited!

Kids love Body Armor and Mike Trout

Then we got word that the man himself, Mike Trout, was on his way to the room. You could feel the excitement in the air. When Mike joined the party, we watched a BODYARMOR commercial/informative short video and then the fun began. The emcee asked Trout some questions.

Here are some of the answers…

If he didn’t play baseball, he would probably be a teacher like his parents.

He enjoys playing in Pittsburgh because the ball flies there and that’s always a good thing.

The fun part was when nine kids (the starting lineup) got to ask him questions. The kids were so cute! One question was how do you hit the ball. The answer, a lot of practice.

My daughter was one of the nine who got to ask him a question. She asked when he started loving the game of baseball. Trout said, “it was around three years old.”

When asked who he thought some of the tough pitchers were he answered, “Kershaw and Scherzer.”

My favorite response was when he was asked why he choose #27. Trout said, “that was the number on the jersey in his locker when he got called up.” He continued to say, “As a rookie, I didn’t want to say anything, so I just wore it.” He decided to keep #27 because he is superstitious and had a good rookie year.

When he isn’t playing baseball, he likes to golf and in the offseason enjoys hunting. Mike also encouraged the kids to get good grades, set high goals and practice hard.

Q&A with kids and Mike Trout

Kids interviewing Mike Trout

Having fun with Mike Trout

When the Q&A part was over it was picture time!!

The kids had each brought something for Trout to sign and thankfully he was signing before pictures. Jimmy had his Trout All-Star jersey from 2015 signed. Miranda brought along the ball Mike threw to her on her 10th birthday. I happened to have the ticket stub from my 40th birthday, and Trout was the picture on it. I had to have it signed. Such an extraordinary day to have such special things signed. We feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of this awesome BODYARMOR/Mike Trout event. We also feel very blessed to be able to watch such a great athlete play the game he loves. Trout seems like a real nice guy; he is great to his fans especially the kids. In this mom’s opinion, we need more athletes like him for kids to want to be like and look up to in sports.

Angel fan memories with Mike Trout

Thanks Mike Trout for taking the time to put smiles on our faces today.

Mike Trout

Thanks BODYARMOR for putting on this awesome event and for all the BODYARMOR Sports Drinks. My kids claim they are “the best drinks ever”! I think they might be right.

Body Armor and Mike Trout

Signature from Mike Trout

Don’t miss Mike Trout this summer playing for our Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fueled by
BODYARMOR Sports Drink.

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