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Ultimate Climbing Gear List for Solo Travel in 2022

Mountain climbing is perhaps one of the most challenging yet rewarding outdoor activities you can try in life. Still, it is essential to ensure that you are adequately prepared and have all the necessary climbing gear before setting out on your next climbing journey. It is especially vital for solo travels, as you can rely solely on yourself and your equipment in this scenario.

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If you’re preparing for climbing in a particular location, such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, make sure to check about Kilimanjaro recommended equipment first. Such checklists are usually created in accordance with the location’s climatic conditions and other factors.

Nevertheless, if you want to get a better idea of the equipment you need to purchase before conquering new peaks next year, this article is for you. Below, you will find the ultimate climbing gear list you can use to prepare for a climbing adventure. Check it out!


As you’ll probably carry most of your climbing gear on your back, it’s vital to invest in a good backpack. A backpack should be lightweight, durable, and functional, offering enough space for all your stuff while retaining its shape.

Before you invest in a backpack, make sure to test it out. Go climbing with your pack and see how it fits you, whether it feels comfortable on your back, if the shoulder straps are wide enough, and if the hip belt is big enough. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while climbing.

Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are perhaps the most important part of your climbing gear. You can use them to walk around the camp, climb over obstacles, and hike up the mountain. That’s why they should be comfortable, durable, and made from breathable material. Additionally, your climbing shoes should have a good grip, especially if you’re going to be climbing on slippery rocks.


Besides a pair of comfortable climbing shoes, a rope is an essential item you should carry with you when climbing, as it will serve as a lifesaver in case of an emergency. When selecting a rope for your climbing adventure, go for a lightweight one that is strong enough to hold you while climbing. Make sure the rope has a high-quality sheath and a water-resistant coating. The length of your rope should be about 2-3 times your height.


A harness is another essential item you cannot do without when climbing. It’s crucial that the harness fits you properly and is comfortable enough to wear it throughout the entire climbing expedition. A quality harness will be secure and comfortable, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.​

Belay Device

Climbers use belay devices to control the ropes during a climb and for safety purposes. There are different types of belay devices, but most climbers prefer using a figure 8 belay device or a GriGri because they are easy to use and very safe. However, if you’re new to climbing and want to get a more secure belay device, opt for a Grigri 2 or an ATC guide.​


There’s always a risk of head injuries when you’re climbing. Thus, you must wear a helmet when hiking up and down the mountain. A good quality helmet should be lightweight, protective, and comfortable enough for you to wear it throughout the climb without causing any discomfort.


A headlamp is another essential piece of equipment for night climbing. It provides light, allowing you to see where you’re going and avoid any potential obstacles. Make sure to choose a lightweight headlamp that has long-lasting batteries, is waterproof, and offers enough illumination at the same time.


Carabiners are used to connect the ropes for climbing. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The clip-style carabiners are the most popular ones that are easy to use.


Climbing gloves are among the most frequently used items by climbers because they protect their hands against rope burns or scratches and bruises when they decide to go ropeless.

Still, if you choose to climb without a rope, make sure to wear gloves with a sturdy palm and fingertips. You might also want to get gloves with silicone pads on the fingers.

Waterproof Bag

If you’re planning to go climbing during winter, it’s essential to carry a waterproof bag with you to store your valuables and other items that can be damaged by water. You can use it to store your phone, snacks, keys, camera, and other stuff that may become wet due to rain or snow.​

Food & Water

When hiking up the mountain, you need plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and enough food to replenish your energy levels. Because hiking up the mountain takes time, carrying enough food and water with you is important. You may also want to invest in a portable backpacking stove if you plan on cooking food.


Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays but also reduce the glare of the sun, making it easier for you to see where you’re going when you’re climbing under bright sunlight.​

First Aid Kit

Another essential item you should include in your climbing essentials is a first aid kit. Invest in a quality first aid kit that you can easily carry when hiking up the mountain. You must have a well-fitted first aid kit with you, especially if you’re climbing alone. It should contain plasters, triangular bandages, sterile gauze dressings, and antiseptic cream, among other things.

​Final Word

The above climbing gear list is a great starting point for anyone who wants to start climbing. However, you can always add or remove a few items to make your list more personalized and tailored to your specific needs and preferences, as well as the location you’re traveling to.​

Besides, keep in mind that some of the items included here are optional. For example, if you’re not going to climb during wintertime, a waterproof bag may not be a necessity for your climbing gear list. Instead, you can invest in a quality jacket that can withstand harsh weather conditions. So, make sure you’re always packed weather appropriately and bring enough gear to make your climb safe and comfortable.​

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