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Ultimate Kids Birthday Party at We Play Loud

we play loud bday party - jungle

Our youngest baby is turning 5 – not really sure how that can be possible; it feels like he was just a baby the other day! In any case, it was time for another birthday party. And we had a blast this year at the newly opened We Play Loud in Lake Forest.

we play loud bday party - octopus

The place is really perfect for the little guys! All of our guests were VERY happy with We Play Loud. From the kids’ perspectives, the play structures and rides are all different and unique from other play centers. Most, if not all, of them did not want to leave when the party was over. From the parents’ perspectives, they love the ceiling to floor windows and the natural lighting the place has. Because they’re brand-new and the staff is constantly cleaning the facility, everything is impeccably clean – which of course is a HUGE plus for the parents! The layout was also a big hit because parents can see very well where the kids are at any given time.

we play loud bday party - room

The party-planning procedure was very easy and convenient – almost everything was done online and via email. They are very flexible about everything – you can bring everything, or they can provide most everything for a fee. The party room was big enough for our party – about 20 kids and 20 adults. In addition, they put seating/storage space right outside of the room for us too. They had decorated the huge chalkboard inside the room, Disney songs were streaming, and the TV screen was also available to play your choice of DVDs. 2 staff members (very sweet and accommodating) assisted me from start to finish. In addition, the owners are there and available to make sure the whole place is running smoothly.

we play loud bday party - eating

The parties are for 2 hours – you can set it up as you like – we had the kids play for an hour and 15 minutes, then moved to the private party room for pizza and cake for 45 minutes. They request that you have the food/drink at the end, and not go back to the play area (just in case some kids get sick), but that concept was a bit difficult for the kids. They just wanted to go back and play, play, play!!! But you can have them play for an hour or an hour and a half – it’s all up to you!

we play loud bday party - eating 2

Please check their website ( for the latest information! They are great with customer suggestions/recommendations, and are constantly making improvements all around!

Kiomi is a happy Mama of a big multi-blended family, with little kids, medium kids, and big kids. Born in Japan and raised in SoCal, she loves sharing her bilingual/bicultural background with her family and friends. Find her volunteering at her kids’ schools, running errands around town, and connecting on various social media (mrsnovak777 on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter).
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