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Ultimate Night Cream: Bellatorra

Sample received


As I am approaching my 40’s, it is more important than ever to care for my skin and use high-quality products. I have tried many skincare products over the past year, trying to find one that I truly see makes a difference in the overall look and feel of my skin, and haven’t had much luck until recently discovering the Bellatorra product line.

I started by using the Bellatorra cellular repair night cream every night for one week. Within the first days of using the product, I immediately noticed a difference in my skin tone. It felt softer than before, and the fine lines were less apparent. The product contains Torra48 which is a 48-hour advanced delivery system that was created after years of intensive research and development. It has been set up to target multiple signs of aging perfectly, and it is working beautifully on my skin.

Bellatorra Night Cream

It has been almost a month since I began using the product, and every day my skin looks better and better. This night cream is the fountain of youth, and I can’t wait to begin using more of the Bellatorra product line on my skin.

Our skin is our most precious asset, and caring for it is vital as we grow older. Using a skin care regimen like Bellatorra can help prevent the signs of aging and have you feeling good in your skin. Bellatorra cellular repair night cream is available online for $385.

Bellatorra Skincare

Cellular Repair Night Serum Formulation Highlights:

trio-sphereTrio-Spheres – Encapsulated active ingredients of Retinol, Glycolic Acid, and Sodium Hylaluronate that gently exfoliates, retexturizes, increases skin cell renewal and delivers intense hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are significantly diminished, evens skin tone and smoothes skin’s texture, revealing a radiant and beautiful complexion.

Super Vitamin C – Protects skin from DNA damage, boosts collagen & brightens.

Crocus Chrysanthus – Boosts cell energy and repairs cells faster and more effectively.

Tetrapeptide-3 – Triggers collagen production and other youth proteins.

Tetrapeptide-3 Boosts skin renewal process and increases facial volume.

Trio of Humectants – Works on all three layers of the skin to protect, capture and retain moisture.

Bio-engineered SOD – Powerful antioxidant protects skin from environmental damage.

Dipeptide – Powerful antioxidant protects skin from environmental damage.
Edelweiss – Fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity
Vibrio Aliginolyticus – Lifts face, neck and cheeks, tightens sagging skin. Smoothes out crow’s feet.
Maintains an optimal skin barrier function and restores natural hydration.

Torra48 – fortyeight hour Advanced Delivery System.


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