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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Ultimate Orange County Farmer’s Market

Irvine Farmer's Market

I love going to our local Farmer’s Market in Laguna Niguel, but they always seem to have the same stuff every week. After having some stuffed squash blossoms at Cucina Enoteca earlier this month, I wanted to try making them for my family this weekend. Since it is such a specialty item, my neighbor suggested I check out the Irvine Farmer’s Market, and it was truly “The Ultimate Farmer’s Market” in Orange County.

Irvine Farmer's Market

From the moment that we pulled into the parking lot, I could not believe the amount of tents. Almost the entire parking lot across from UCI was filled with booths loaded with some of the freshest local produce around. Clearly, I was the last to learn about this farmer’s market because it was packed – so packed that we were barely able to walk through the isles.

Irvine Farmer's Market

This farmer’s market not only had the squash blossoms that I was in search of, but also had edible flowers and purple asparagus – all my favorites. While I was busy filling up my shopping bag with fresh produce for my family, the kids were sampling all the fruits and vegetables from the local farmers while music flowed throughout the air.

I highly recommend checking-out this farmer’s market with your family next weekend. The only downside is that parking can be a little bit of a pain.

When: Saturday mornings 8am to noon (rain or shine)

Location: University Center on the corner of Bridge and Campus (across from UCI)

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