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Unforgettable Italian Food at North Italia in Irvine

We dined as a guest of the venue

North Italia in Irvine

After marrying into an Italian family, I feel like I never get to eat at Italian restaurants. My husband is always so critical of most Italian restaurants where we got out to eat and is always comparing the food to his Grandmother’s authentic Italian cuisine. When we can’t go to his parent’s house and craving Italian food, I am always trying new places in hopes that I will find one that my husband likes.

Before going to Mammoth for a weekend, I planned a date night at the new hot spot, North Italia. I have heard so many of my friends raving about it and was finally able to get a reservation to have dinner with my husband.

Date Night at North Italia in Irvine

The minute that we walked into the restaurant, it was buzzing. The restaurant was full of laughter and guests enjoying delicious authentic Italian cuisine. We took our seats, ordered a glass of wine, and got ready to embark on a delicious evening together.

Meatballs at North Italia in Irvine

Since my husband has a love for meatballs, we had to start by ordering their Italian meatballs. The meatballs came in a small skillet and topped with fresh marinara sauce. My husband couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved the meatballs, and how they are the first he has had out that are just as good as his Grandmothers.

Prosciutto Bruschetta at North Italia in Irvine

With prosciutto being one of my favorite foods, I ordered the prosciutto bruschetta. The dish featured crescenza cheese, grilled asparagus, truffle, and grana padano. The flavor combination exploded in my mouth with every bite, and I couldn’t help but have seconds.

Burrata Tortelloni at North Italia in Irvine

The server insisted that we try the burrata tortelloni, and it was truly the highlight of our meal. I am still craving more of the tortelloni’s stuffed with roasted butternut squash, paired with mushrooms, brussels leaves, hazelnut and a sage brown butter sauce. Every bite was pure heaven, and you’ll not want to miss having this seasonal dish.

Spaghetti and Meatballs at North Italia in Irvine

My husband loved the meatballs so much that he wanted more, and ordered the spaghetti and meatballs – he’s such a traditional Italian. He devoured every bite of his dish, not leaving a single strand of spaghetti behind.

Salmon at North Italia in Irvine

While my husband enjoyed his traditional Italian dish, I savored every bite of the Skuna Bay Salmon. The fish was cooked to perfection and featured butternut squash fregula, horseradish gremolata, breadcrumb, and saba.

When looking for you a new place to have Italian food, North Italia won’t disappoint. Reservations are highly recommended, and they are located at 2957 Michelson Drive in Irvine. Buon appetito!

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