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Unlocking The Path To Your Creative Muse

Creativity is an essential part of everybody’s life. Indeed, being creative can help you become a better problem-solver in day-to-day life. Thinking of new solutions and approaches is precisely what makes creativity indispensable, regardless of your lifestyle, career choice, or interest. 

However, creativity is similar to a muscle you need to work out to make the most of it. Once you use it, it can offer escapism from daily stress. It can actively reduce tensions and even fight off depressive moods. Being creative gives you the opportunity to create a dream world that can boost your happiness. 

Flexing your creative muscles is the best thing you can do for yourself. Yet, practicing creativity takes a lot of time and effort. So, many people are concerned that creativity might be an unnecessary indulgence. 

Nobody ever knows about my ideas

We tend to associate creativity with artists, whether they write, paint, or even sing. The process of creativity encompasses sharing thoughts and emotions. As a result, many of us assume we lack creativity because we never get to share the fruit of our effort. The truth is that you don’t need to find an artistic agent to share your creations. Nowadays, countless platforms exist to let you sell your music online, reach out to your readers, or even showcase your art. If creativity is all about sharing your inner world, you can share it confidently with your audience. You don’t need to find an agent to embrace your creative side. 

I’m too stressed out to be creative

Creativity helps release stress. However, too much stress can hinder the creative process. Did you know, for instance, that individuals with high anxiety can find it hard to let go of stress and pressure? Just as anxiety can take over your sleep, it can also take over your imagination. The process of thinking about something other than the cause of your stress can be a trigger by itself because you feel guilty about ignoring existing problems. It’s important for your well-being to make room for mindfulness in your life. Mindful activities and thinking can help with high anxiety, so you can build a safe environment to be creative without any guilt. 

I’m not very good 

Who says that creativity is all quantifying your work? Being creative is a journey; it’s not a race. There is no such thing as being the best at creativity. When you are creative, you flex your imagination and welcome ideas. Therefore, you need to accept the process and embrace inspiration in all its forms. More often than not, comparing yourself against others can block the creative flow. You are unwilling to write down ideas or build a creative network because you fear you are not “good enough”, you are ultimately forbidding yourself to be imaginative. The world’s a sad place without ideas!

I don’t have time to be creative

No, you do. You have the time to be creative, but you refuse to take it. You can’t be creative on a tight schedule. Being creative means you let your mind wander and explore. It is not designed to be productive. It’s about putting yourself first and giving your thoughts time to grow and evolve. 

Are you ready to connect with your creative muse? Everybody can be creative. But not many people allow themselves to be. From being brave enough to share your creations to accepting the unproductive thinking process, it’s time to seize the chance to become creative. 


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