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The Untapped Gold Mine Of Pickleball That Not Everyone Knows About

Pickleball started as a game that was invented in 1965, so it is now over 50 years old, by two men who came back from a golf game and were trying to alleviate their families’ boredom. As a sport it is not very familiar to people, the name especially gets heads scratching. Pickleball the name has two different versions of how it came to be according to many other people, even the creators. It started as a term for the pickle boat which means weak team members when they row competitively. 

The other story that came about was when the other inventor of the pickleball had a dog with the name pickle and he had gone and consistently stole the ball whenever they had attempted to play the game, which had probably filled them with both mirth and frustration if it were true. As it goes the dog was possibly named after the game. However, there are different accounts of the origin of the name pickleball

The pickleball racket was created by using ping pong rackets. It was a homemade game that was filled with fun, excitement, and a set of unique rules in comparison to tennis. As the game began to pick up traction a court was built specifically for pickleball and a corporation started in its name so that the right equipment could be bought for it. The game was different from ping pong, squash, table tennis, and racquetball so it seemed like a necessity, especially with its own set of rules that were made up and the popularity that began picking up. 

Having a unique game for the people who had invented it with its own rules made it something special to them. Now playing an extremely unique game that not everybody knows about is remarkably entertaining if you have the mindset for it and a love for new as well as different games. All in all, it can be said that the game is a fun-filled day with family and friends thanks to families coming together on a sunny day to play a sport that everyone can now enjoy. 

How pickleball scoring works

This is how pickleball is played. The way that pickleball scoring works are sort of similar to tennis but kind of misses that mark. You are not able to score a point unless you are serving the ball and you have to serve diagonally opposite to you. Whenever someone who scores a point manages to do so they move to the right or left side of the court every time that score is made. 

You are consistently standing opposite of where you are serving but on the same side of the court. You need to move to the alternate side every time you score. It can be said that when you are not serving and only receiving the balls, you just stay on the one end of the court and you do not move left or right like the servers regardless of whether they scored or not. You stay in one spot. 

Single scoring in pickleball means that you have to serve on the right side of the court then you need to move to the left-hand side of the score that you shot equates to an odd number. When the game starts the scoring is set to zero-zero-two, or server 1 or server 2, as you play doubles, not singles. As the scoring continues, it is counted as a server score to the person who had served on the right, and the receiver score to the person who scores on the left. 

If the service does not go the way you planned, meaning that the serve was lost, then you give the service to the opposite player to who the ball was hit, and the 2 in the scoring indicates the player that it was hit to gets the ball to serve. The second server. However, if you are serving the ball you have to be on the right side of the court. When you score an even number between the two players you must stand on the right-hand side of the court but if the score is odd then you must serve on the left-hand side of the court. 

Pickleball how to serve

Make sure that you hit the ball with an underhand stroke that starts below your waist. However, there is another way to serve which is called the drop serve. You can bounce the ball on the ground and hit it as a way to serve the ball.  

Pickleball Paddles

How pickleball paddles are made are through wood originally but then they had started making them out of aluminium and graphite. There are a variety of pickleball paddle options. You can buy any pickleball paddles regardless of whether you are playing indoors or outdoors. They can come oversized or elongated. The elongated pickleball is called the encore blade and is regulated to 17” long. Many experienced players prefer to have the encore blade than any other pickleball paddle. When you go for a specific paddle you need to consider what you are looking for. If you are searching for more control and the ability to move your arm and wrist better then you should go for a light paddle. However, if you are wanting to increase your power and hit the ball harder then you should go for a heavier paddle. Make sure to rest and recover if you have sustained a strain or injury on one of your arms or you may risk making it worse.  

what is the difference between a pickleball court and a tennis court?

The question that many people ask themselves is, are pickleball rules the same as tennis? The difference between the two is that first, you use plastic balls that are called Wiffle balls. Second, the paddles that you use are flat unlike the other paddles that you use in tennis or other games. The court size is relatively smaller than a tennis court and the pickleball net is slightly shorter than a tennis net. There are many other noteworthy differences between the two games.

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