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Use This Checklist Before You Hit Publish

Creating content that people enjoy is one of the most extraordinary things in the world. Offering incredible recipes, sharing stories about life, styling tips, or even how to get your dog to cool down on a hot day. 

There is something for everyone, and to be able to create it is fantastic. But what makes it more special is seeing people share it, receiving comments, and driving traffic to your website. 

The traffic a post brings in can have a direct impact on your potential blog or website earnings. And how much you can command in terms of lump-sum payments when working with brands. 


How do people find you? The first way is through organic traffic, by searching on a site like Google. And the second is that they see you offer something of value. 

If you are ready to take your content from fun and interesting to valuable and with specific goals for the future of your blog or website, then here is the checklist for you. 

  • Keywords
  • Pinterest graphic
  • Tags
  • Optimize title
  • Email subscribers
  • Formatting
  • Links 
  • Proofread & Edits
  • Add images with alt text
  • Create individual social media posts & schedule the post to be repeatedly shared on social media
  • Add a note to the calendar to edit in 3 months and update


As you sit thinking up all of the blog titles and topics you want to cover, remember to do some keyword research on them. Keyword research will give you the keys to traffic increases. Use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner to help you highlight big hitters. 

Choose one main keyword, and then use some variations of the word. Weave them into the text in the headers and the main content. 

Use the relevant suggestions to help bulk out the post, and increase the chances of ranking for the keyword. 

Hint: If you ever get stuck for topics, check out this post: Daily Creative Writing Prompts for Adults. 

Pinterest Graphic

Pinterest accounts for a considerable amount of search traffic. Use software like Canva to create quick Pinterest graphics. 

The best thing to do is create a single template and edit as required. This is time-saving and keeps your Pinterest on brand. 


Tags aren’t for blog organization, that is, categories. Tags are similar to a description and help your content be searchable. Choose up to 5 tags that offer a descriptor for the content in the post. 

Optimize Titles

Keep your title short enough to be seen on the google results page and include keywords where applicable. 

A title can let people know what they will get by reading your content, making it descriptive and straightforward. 

Email Subscribers

If your content automatically goes to subscribers, then you have this one covered. But you can make the process more enjoyable for the readers by controlling when subscribers receive an email. 

Create an email digest once a week with all of your posts. Remember that people get so many emails now, you might need to offer a freebie to get readers to open the email. 


Before you hit publish, preview your post in as many variations as possible. WordPress offers a preview for desktop, mobile, and tablet. Make use of them and correct and formatting issues. 


Add links to other posts that cover a similar topic from your website. And use the opportunity to link to other supporting content too. This gives readers a broader scope for reading but also improves your SEO. 

Speaking of SEO, it’s certainly worth working with the best SEO company to increase your efforts. 

Proofread and Edit

The fastest way to find a mistake is to hit publish. Give yourself time to read through the content once or twice, but still expect to see an error here and there. 

Alt Text and Images

Add images to post to break up the text, and use this guide to create alt text that makes an impact. 

Social Media

Create social media posts for each platform. Creating them for each platform will stop stretched images or lousy formatting. Then ensure you have added them to something like MissingLettr to have them shared multiple times. 


Add a note to your calendar with the post’s title, and use this as a reminder to update your post in a few months. This stops broken links and outdated information. 

And that’s it; it’s time to hit publish!

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