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Useful Tips On How To Mend A Broken Relationship

If you and your partner’s relationship has fractured, then you need to work on mending it. There’s nothing more wasteful than allowing a relationship to die, provided that you got together for the right reasons. If you both truly loved each other, understood each other, and enjoyed one another’s company, then you shouldn’t let one another go. There’s always something that can be done to mend your relationship, from seeing a therapist to talking things through.

This article will offer some useful tips on how to mend a broken relationship:


In order to mend a broken relationship, you first need to understand what went wrong. To start again with your ex boyfriend, you both need to be clear about where the issues started, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes again in the future. You need to genuinely try to understand these things. Don’t just recognise and acknowledge them, without trying to make a change. This is something people often do in order to mend a relationship, but it just results in the relationship breaking down again in the future. No, you need to acknowledge, understand, and make a concerted effort to change the problems in your relationship.


You need to open a line of dialogue with your partner if you want to mend your relationship. One of the main reasons that relationships fail is that dialogue breaks down. A good way to start a conversation with your partner is to follow the previous point’s advice: discuss what went wrong, and how you can fix things. If you are living together or are in a more committed relationship, such as a marriage, then you can also try to discuss things relating to your lives, in order to start a conversation. Once you have started a conversation, you should hopefully be able to begin talking about more important things, like mending your relationship.


In order to mend your relationship, you need to begin taking care of yourself. When you are dealing with a stressful relationship, it’s hard to look after yourself. If you stop taking care of yourself, you will open yourself up to mental health issues and other health problems. Make sure to eat healthily, sleep well, exercise, and lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle. When you feel better, you can begin addressing the problems in your relationship. Until the point where you do feel better, you shouldn’t attempt to.

The Past

Let go of negative memories from the past. Unless there’s a relationship between these memories and mending your relationship today, then remembering them is useless. It goes without saying that if your relationship has broken down, there were times when your partner upset you, disappointed you, or did things that hurt you. If you constantly remind them of this, then they will reciprocate and tell you about things that you did to hurt them. If their behaviour in the past still has an impact on your relationship today, such as drug or alcohol use, however, then you should definitely talk about this with them.

Good Memories

While you should let go of the bad memories, you should hold onto the good ones. Every relationship has its bad and its good. Holding onto the good times will help you to feel more connected to your partner and it will incentivize repairing your relationship for you and your partner. A good way to remember the good times is to take photographs and videos. When things begin getting better with your partner, make sure to do lots of things with them to create new memories so that in the future if things get rough again, you can look back on them fondly.

Your Needs

You need to explain what your needs are to your partner if you want things to get better. If they are still in their old mindset, where they view things as they did before you hit hard times, things won’t get better. Make sure to tell your partner if you’re unhappy with their behaviour, and what you need from them. If they can’t offer you what you need, then you will have to seriously consider whether staying with them is possible or not. Try not to ask too much from them, however. This can make repairing your relationship impossible for them.


Sometimes, re-evaluation is necessary. Sit down with your partner and think about your relationship, its dynamics, and your routines. If your partner relies upon you financially for example, then it may be time for them to find a job or another source of income. When you re-evaluate your relationship, make sure that you listen to what your partner has to say. If you are working on mending your relationship and you don’t listen, your relationship’s doomed to fail.


If all else fails, seek help from a therapist. This is most couples’ last resort. A therapist can be expensive, so ask your partner to chip in. If they don’t want to see a therapist, then there might not be a future for you and them. A therapist will be able to talk you both through all of your problems and get to the bottom of what’s going on. Therapists can usually be paid for on payment plans, which makes them slightly more affordable. These payment plans break down the cost of therapy, allowing you to pay in smaller, monthly [or weekly] instalments.


If you and your partner are going to try and mend things, then you should try to spend more time together and should start doing things. Activities like hiking, bungee jumping, and even going on dates can help to improve your bond and make it easier to forget the past and enjoy each other’s company. Discuss with your partner what you would like to do and draw up a list. Many couples find that weekly date nights are a great way of spending time together, improving their relationships, and making happy memories.

If you still love your partner, then there’s still a chance that you can mend your relationship. As already mentioned, it’s a great shame to let a good relationship die. The most important thing to remember is if you want to repair your relationship, you need to be open and cooperative.

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