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Useful Tricks On How To Prove Your Partner’s Unfaithfulness

In a world that’s been getting more and more casual with relationships, the ideas of infidelity have been on the rise. The idea of cheating on someone is present in some people’s minds as soon as they start dating someone. In order to do anything about it, you would need to catch them red-handed at doing this thing. And since it’s impossible to be walking around with your eyes glued on your partner all day long, here are some tricks that can help you out a lot!

Spy Cameras

You want to be able to see your partner even when you’re not there with them, so a spy camera is one of the best things you can have. There is a wide range of cameras to choose from depending on your specific needs. For example, if you want a camera hidden in a pen, you can get one of those. If you want a small camera that’s clear and doesn’t have an obvious blinking light beside it that’s also an option.

You’ll need to find a location where he or she might go with this other person, so keep an eye open for one. And once you do find one, plant it.

Get A Tracking Device

These are the basic GPS trackers that can serve you really well when they’re not discovered. They are small, easy to use, and powerful in their own right. Everyday items such as key chains or bracelets can be turned into great tracking devices for your lover if you know what you’re doing. All of them have features that allow you to see their location, which is great news for all suspicious lovers.

  • Spider Web Keychain – With this, it’s almost impossible for your partner to get out of its reach. It can be attached to any metal object or just left somewhere hidden until needed. It has a small antenna that you can use to access the tracking page of its official website, which will show you exactly where your lover is at any given time.


  • Bluetooth Bracelet – This is another great keychain that happens to come in bracelet form. You can attach this Bluetooth to your partner’s wardrobe or purse and it will track their location with ease no matter what they’re doing. This little piece of technology allows for some pretty accurate positioning during the day as well as at night, so there’s almost no way they can avoid detection now.


  • Smartphone Alarm Clock With GPS – This one is for those who want to keep everything as discreet as possible. This alarm clock looks like an ordinary smartphone accessory, which is great for the person using it to avoid unnecessary suspicion. All you have to do is attach its GPS tracking service to your lover’s phone and watch as they follow each and every step you take!


  • Cell Phone – The traditional cell phones are still around, so there’s no reason not to use them when needed. These can be placed in an ordinary-looking bag or purse that your lover won’t find suspicious at all. Once the servicing company’s software has been installed on their smartphone, everything will work just fine. Even if you call them up during the day, they’ll never know it was done by someone else who wants them under surveillance 24/7.

Plant A Bug On Your Partner

Another way to find out if your partner is cheating on you or not is by planting a tiny bug that will transmit all of their conversations and surroundings to you. This way, you can hear everything they say as well as the things around them, which may include ‘unwanted’ details regarding their current relationship as well as possible secrets they might be keeping from you. There are multiple different bugs available online for this purpose right now, so choose one that interests you the most and gets started.

  • Wireless Microphone – This device looks like a bag clip with a very tiny microphone attached to it that allows for hours of recording time before needing a new set of batteries. All it takes to start spying on whoever’s in front of it is just pressing a button. You can use this option to hear any tiny sound that’s being emitted in the location you left it at, so if your partner happens to be talking with another person about something important, you’ll know all about it before it’s too late.


  • Voice Recorder – This one works much like the wireless microphone mentioned above, but instead of having a tiny microphone attached at one end, it uses an advanced recording system that will ‘simulate’ your lover’s voice nicely for you. The recorded speech may not be as clear as the one rendered by an actual mic device but still provides enough details to allow your imagination to do its own thing.


No matter how you do it, there’s always a way to find out if your partner is cheating on you or not. These useful tricks will come in handy. If they are, then ending that relationship as soon as possible is the smartest thing to do for both of you in the long run. This way, no one will get hurt and everyone will be happier in general.

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