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The Vacation Revelation! Helping You and Your Child Become Better Versions of Yourselves

When you take your family on vacation, you will want to make sure you all spend quality time together as a family. But when your children hit a certain age, they are going to want to distance themselves from you in some way. The fact is that this is okay. You may feel that this is the only time that you all get to be together because you’re all so busy and this is the perfect chance to keep your household together, but it’s important to remember that you can let your child be themselves. 

A vacation is a far better opportunity for your child to relax and be themselves, so what can you do to get the balance right while you are on vacation without feeling like you are not doing your job as a parent? 

Let Them Use Their Device!

Yes, it could be antisocial, but there will come a time when you can’t take their devices off them. They are their own person and if you are trying to force proper family time on them when they are staring down at their phone, try and meet them halfway in another sense. For example, you could ask them to conduct some research on their phone to find something that everybody can benefit from. 

Of course, if your child is going online a lot, this is something that you have to address in other ways. They could be venturing onto sites that are not suitable for them, in which case, it’s important to ensure they go online safely, so you may want to take a computer with you and set up a virtual private network (VPN). You can find a VPN for Mac computers that will make things a lot safer. 

Praise Them Whenever They Engage

Sometimes, we can forget to acknowledge our children for a job well done, so praising their efforts and the consequences are going to improve their self-confidence. Going on vacation is the perfect opportunity for them to come out of their shell, especially if they’re not having a good time in school

A vacation is something that we should all use to help us relax. Therefore, you can take the opportunity to make certain changes to how you parent. You can feel more relaxed when on vacation, and this may be when you realize you haven’t been giving as much praise. The fact is that sometimes we don’t notice if our children have done things to expand their horizons, and now is the perfect opportunity for us to pay more attention to them. 

Praising them for their efforts and their achievements will make them feel better about themselves. And when they have more self-confidence, their well-being will improve and their motivation will increase. When we’re on vacation we can be a lot less inclined to care about what people think about us, so this is the perfect time to instill some more praise so they can feel and be more emotionally strong upon returning to reality. 

Investing in Their Interests

It’s the only time you have together as a family if you are all busy. Being proactive and seeking out opportunities to help them enhance their unique talents can help their frame of mind and their self-confidence, but will improve your relationship too. 

It doesn’t have to be anything incredibly ambitious, because if you are going somewhere and there’s a child’s camp, this can be the perfect opportunity for them to try a variety of activities that they really enjoy. It’s entirely up to you and them! Because there are plenty of things that you can always do when you go on vacation that will provide a foundation for their talents or interests. 

Give Them a Space That’s Theirs

This is not always easy when you’re trying to share vacation accommodation but your child can benefit from having their own environment. You may want to have everybody under one roof so you can feel more like a family, but giving them a little space that’s theirs, even on vacation, can give them some time out to be themselves. 

You could encourage them to visit this space and respect their privacy when they do. And this can be something that’s very beneficial to everyone. If your child is old enough, you may want to interest them in doing something for themselves somewhere else. This can have a great impact on their self-confidence, but also your trust in them. 

Do Not Battle for Them

We always feel that we’ve got to stick up for our children. But the more we do this, the less our children feel inclined to actually stick up for themselves. As your child gets older, and they start to navigate challenging situations in life, your instinct may be to jump in to make it better. Being on vacation is the perfect opportunity for you to really understand the differences between being a helicopter parent and one that is giving them some space. 

When you are on vacation the best you can do is to plan and prepare, but also get used to your immediate environment. We want to throw caution to the wind but it all depends on where we go. If you are going to a family-friendly holiday resort, this is going to give you a lot more peace of mind because you will relax more by the pool and your child can go and do something for themselves. Of course, if there are any issues they can call you on the phone. But the fact is that if you are going into battle for them all of the time, you are not giving them the opportunity to grow. 

Going on vacation is the ideal environment for everyone to train themselves to be better and have more confidence in their abilities. It could be stressful, but if you are someone that doesn’t easily let go of your child, a vacation is going to give you some time away from being yourself, but it also allows your child the opportunity to try out something new, emotionally speaking.

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