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Vanessa Marshall on Empowering Young Girls in Star Wars Rebels

We attended the event as a guest of Disney

How did you celebrate Star Wars Day? This year I celebrated in a big way by celebrating the upcoming Disney Channel series, Star Wars Rebels in Los Angeles.

Getting ready for the celebration with my friend Tee from

Getting ready for the celebration with my friend Tee from

I put on my favorite Star Wars t-shirt, twisted my hair into Princess Leia buns and went to the Loews Hollywood Hotel to learn more about the upcoming series.



When I first arrived, I was greeted by storm troopers, R2 D2 and Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. I mingled with my favorite Star Wars characters, and watched the first full length trailer of the series before sitting down with Vanessa Marshall. Vanessa is the voice of, Hera, the pilot of the ship and the heart of the crew.

Hera is a strong female character in the series, and people are always looking for a strong female character in the series. “They didn’t try to create a strong female character. They tried to create a strong character who happened to be female,” said Marshall.

“Issues of gender and race are present, but they are not important because we are all for one, and one for all which is really cool to see” Vanessa Marshall.


Hera is a great role model for young girls in the series Star Wars Rebels. “Boys will also learn a lot from Hera. She’s not just a female role model,” said Marshall.

Marshall is a “total Star Wars nerd” fell to her knees with tears of joy when getting the role on Star Wars Rebels. “I now have this platform to reach and empower young girls, women and boys too. I’m so happy on a daily basis,” said Marshall.


After learning about this great character in the series Star Wars Rebels, we celebrated the upcoming new series with a couple of light saber fights, sharing our favorite Star Wars moments and enjoying a delicious dinner.


The character of Hera is going to be a character that your children will admire and look up too in the series Star Wars Rebels. The series is coming to the Disney Channel this Fall.

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  1. Love it! You gals were so much fun!


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