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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Visit a Real Oasis Camel Dairy Farm in San Diego

Camel Dairy Farm Tour

The Oasis Camel Dairy Farm has been on my bucket list to visit for many years. It is only open to the public on select days, and the days that they are open have usually conflicted with our kids busy weekend schedules. This past weekend, we finally had a day free when the farm was open, so we planned a visit along with our kids grandparents.

Oasis Camel Dairy Farm

A day on the farm

The drive took a little longer than we had anticipated. The farm was almost as far as Julian but was well worth the long drive. They are open to the public starting at 1 pm and the show is at 1:30 pm. We arrived just in time for the show, and so glad that we did not miss it; it was one of the biggest highlights of our visit.

San Diego Valley

Giant Turkey

Chicken and Turkeys

We had paid the entrance fee before we were allowed to park (which did not include the camel rides). Once we parked, we took a seat to enjoy the interactive animal show. One of the owners of the farm previously worked at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and has a family of birds that have been in movies and television shows. All of her birds came out to make a performance, and my kids loved every minute of it. It wasn’t just the birds that entertained families during the show but also the famous camels. The camels showed us how long their necks are, and even laid down for us.

Petting a Camel

Kissing a camel

Kids petting a camel

Feeding a camel

Family at Oasis Camel Farm

Cute Camel

A camel looking at a cellphone

Camel kisses

Once the show was over, everyone walked over to the fencing on the farm, and the owners called the camels to visit us at the gate. We learned how friendly camels are, and our kids couldn’t stop touching and even kissing them (and no they don’t spit).

Camel Rides

We ended our visit by letting the kids ride on the back of one of the camels. The camel rides are an additional fee ($10 for adults/ $5 for children). The ride lasted about 5 minutes, and the kids got to walk around the farm on the guided ride.

Before we went to leave the farm, we purchased some unique camel milk chocolate and lip balm. The farm is a working dairy, and they make the products using the milk sourced from the camels living on the farm.

A girl and her sheep

Lamb at the Camel Ranch

The Oasis Camel Dairy Farm is something that every family needs to visit. They are only open on select dates, and you want to leave early to arrive on time. If you miss the show, then you’re missing all the fun. Check their website or Facebook page for updates on when they are open to the public.

Riding on a camel

Metal birds at the farm

$10 General admission
$8 Seniors and active military
$7 Kids 4-14
Kids under the age of 3 are free
Paid Admission includes: parking, tour and show.

Camel rides are $5 for adults and $10 for children

Oasis Camel Dairy
Ramona, CA 92065

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