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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Tips for Visiting the OC Fair with Autism and Special Needs

We attended as a guest of the fair

If you’re planning on visiting the OC Fair this summer and have a child or a family member with autism or special needs there are a few accommodations that the staff at the OC Fair makes available to you to help your day be more enjoyable.

To ride the rides with you child as a “Supervising Companion” will allow you to ride the rides for free, while your child needs a ticket each ride. There are no line accommodations. You can go and get your Supervising Companion sticker at the RCS Information booth located in the kiddy rides.

For those children with auditory and sensory procession issues, I find it easy to bring ear muffs with me, which takes a lot of that background noise away, but my child can still hear my voice, just not all the loud music and ride screams. They really are the best device ever. Purchase a set of construction worker ear muffs at Harbor Freight Tools in Tustin for under $5.00.

Let’s be honest, it’s the FAIR – there are about 2 healthy food options at the fair. Ff you are on a special GFCF diet, bringing your own food is acceptable.

I had a great time with my son at the fair. Planning ahead is the key to make your day at the fair with autism or special needs enjoyable.

Rebecca is a stay at home mom of 2 boys with Autism that keep her very busy. She has been writing her blog “The Real Moms of OC” for 2 years. She is a wife, mom, slayer of dragons, CEO of the home, bus driver, maid, short order cook and princess. She also runs through the mud and half marathons. She managed with the help of an amazing medical team to beat breast cancer and is thankfully cancer free for 3 years.
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